Goku decided to skip the warm up against Majin Vegeta because he want to give it his all. He turned Super Saiyan 2 for the first time to increase his strength and speed. Majin Vegeta also turned Super Saiyan 2 for the first time. Goku was a little surprised and he realize that the fight might take longer than he thought. This is their fate, their battle and they want to settle the score once and for all. As the fight begins, they were charging at each other and delivered punches, kicks, and blasting energy at each other. They also dodge from each other’s attacks. They had an energy battle just like when they first meet.

SSJ2 Goku vs Majin Vegta

Goku has underestimated Vegeta because he’s been training for seven years. Vegeta grabs Goku’s arm from when he’s hanging on a cliff and throw him into a mountain wall. He traps him with his energy rings. Vegeta continues to taunt him calling him a clown, slapping him, punching him and reminded him that he is the “Prince of all Saiyan”: a warrior race. He was humiliated by his defeat against Goku when they first fight on Planet Earth. He consider him as a low-level saiyan clown. He wanted revenge against Frieza for killing all his people and destroying his home Planet Vegeta but instead Goku has defeated Frieza with an Angry Kamehameha on Planet Namek. He failed to turn Super Saiyan against Frieza but Goku turned Super Saiyan for the first time against from when Frieza killed his best friend Krillen. Goku was the first in thousands of years to turn Super Saiyan against Frieza. Vegeta was raised to believe that it was his royal birthright. Vegeta suffered another disgraceful defeat by Cell after all the training he went through and was bested by Goku’s son Gohan when he defeated Cell with a Father-Son Kamehameha. He consider Gohan a mere child. Vegeta wants to take back what’s his. He doesn’t want to be a second player. He consider Goku as an insult to his honor. He wanted to kill Goku for killing his pride. Goku breaks free from the wall and responds to Vegeta with two boulder punches. After a long intense fighting between Goku vs Vegeta even since they’ve been training for seven years, the fight was evenly matched.

Super Saiyan Goku vs Majin Vegeta

No matter how many times Vegeta trains, he’s still couldn’t catch up to Goku. Because of that, he sell his soul to Babidi’s magic to reach his true pinnacle of his strength. After all of Vegeta’s years as the “Prince of all Saiyans”, Vegeta slowly began to change his evil, ruthless ways when he lived on Planet Earth and started to become good. He had a family of his own just like Goku. He started to love Planet Earth as his new home. He wanted Babidi to set him free and awaken the evil inside of his heart. He’s happy with the result. As they continue to fight, Goku senses a powerful, energy of Majin Buu and wants to stop fighting. It’s because when they fight longer, the more energy that Majin Buu will received. Vegeta was starting to laugh for no reason. He doesn’t care about Majin Buu’s energy because he thinks it’s a weakling. He want to keep fighting Goku. Goku doesn’t have the time to keep fighting Vegeta as the world’s in great danger if Majin Buu is born. Vegeta still don’t care about anything and told him to shut up. He keeps fighting Goku and going on and on about his pride. Nothing matters to Vegeta anymore except his rival Goku. Goku blocked his fist and said liar and he doesn’t buy it. He punched Vegeta to shut him up. Goku doesn’t care about Vegeta’s pride. As Vegeta stands up to spit blood out of his mouth, he finally stop and said “Fine, you win”. He decided to put his pride aside and postpone his fight against Goku. He’s going to cooperate with Goku for now and fight Majin Buu together. It turns out, it was a lie. As Goku bring out the Senzu Beans for him and Vegeta, Vegeta hit him on the back of his head and knocked him unconscious. He ate a Senzu bean to restore his strength in order to fight Majin Buu. He wants to take matters into his hands and become a hero for once. He wants to continue the fight another day when he sees him in hell.


The fight between Super Saiyan 2 Goku vs Majin Vegeta was one of my favorite fights of the Buu Saga of Dragonball Z. This rivalry between Goku vs Vegeta is very fierce and personal. All the hatred, anger, rage, vengance and, jealousy that Vegeta was feeling against Goku. I find it very pitiful that someone keeps living in the past. It’s really sad.. Overall, I enjoyed watching a fight between Goku vs Vegeta. What a crazy fight!!! Goku vs Vegeta: greatest rivalry in Dragonball Z history! #Anime #ActionAnime #FantasyAnime #FightingAnime #AnimeReview #MajinBuuSaga #DragonballZ #Goku #SuperSaiyan2Goku #Vegeta #MajinVegeta