Those are pictures of me cosplaying as Kirito as a Spriggan with a black iron great sword: the main protagonist of Sword Art Online Alfheim. Months later, I’ve discovered that Asuna and 300 Sword Art Online players were still trapped in their NerveGear. Several months later, Agil informed me that Asuna was spotted on The World Tree in another VRMMORPG called Alfheim Online. This game is not level up based because it’s all about skills. It’s aimed for hardcore gamers. Together with Leafa and Yui, we are going to save Asuna and stop Sugou from performing illegal experiments on player’s mind. This is my own Kirito Alfheim cosplay as the Black Spriggan. #Cosplay #Anime #SwordArtOnline #SwordArtOnlineAlfheim #KiritoAlfheimCosplay