Sword Art Online is a Japanese anime series written by Reki Kawahara, illustrated by Abac and published by ASCII Media Works. In 2022, a Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (VRMMORPG) called Sword Art Online is released that year. Everyone was excited to play Sword Art Online. They play the game using the NerveGear. NerveGear is a helmet that stimulates the user’s five senses via their brain. Players can experience and control their in-game characters with their minds. The NerveGear and the game was created by Akihiko Kayaba. Kazuto “Kirito” Kirigaya is the main protagonist of Sword Art Online. LINK START!!!


Ten thousands of players entered inside a virtual gaming Sword Art Online for the first time. Kirito was training with his friend Klein to learn the basics of how to fight monsters to sharpen their sword skills. They earn experience points and col (money) and dropped items from defeating monsters. They all enjoyed playing the game and they discovered that they can’t log out the game from the main menu. They can’t take off the NerveGear from their heads because it intercepts all the commands you give from inside the game using an interface build into the rig. There was no escape.

Kirito, Klein and thousands of players has been teleported on Floor 1: Town of Beginnings of Aincrad. The game master of Sword Art Online welcomes everyone to his world and his name is Akihiko Kayaba. He is the creator of the virtual world. He reminded everyone about log out button that’s not there. This is how Sword Art Online was design to be. Akihiko Kayaba told everyone that they cannot be log out, shut down the game or remove the NerveGear. If they remove it, the transmitter inside the NerveGear will emit a powerful microwave, destroying their brain and ending their life. If they’re HP reached to zero, their avatar will be deleted forever and the NerveGear will also destroy their brain. It means that if they die in the game, they’ll die in real life. They have to beat the game in order to escape. In order to beat the game, they have to go through the dungeons, beat the bosses and clear all hundred floors from Floor 1 to Floor 100 of Aincrad. Everyone must do whatever it takes to survive. Why would Akihiko Kayaba: the developer of Sword Art Online do this? The reason why he created Sword Art Online was to control the fate of the world of his design. He wishes everyone a good luck.

Kirito is known as one of 1,000 testers in the game’s previous closed beta. He got the advantage of previous VR gaming experiences and a drive to protect himself from discrimination. He chose to not work with party members and decided to work alone. He was referred as a “beater” combination for “beta tester” and “cheater”. He also joined a guild but he learned that his arrogance, solitude and recklessness killed people because he didn’t tell everyone the truth about what level he was and he was a beta tester. He learned from his mistakes. He still chose to work alone. Kirito spends his working alone, leveling up, and gathering items. He wants to become stronger. Kirito met a lot of friends in the game and their named are Klein: swordsman, Agil: black axe wielder and blacksmith, Silica: beast tamer and Lizbeth: a blacksmith. He also met the love of his life Asuna who was also a solo player just like him. She is known as Lightning Flash and Vice Commander of the Knights of the Blood Oath. Kirito challenges the leader of the Knights of the Blood Oath: Heathcliff in a duel. If he wins, he’ll have Asuna to travel with. If he loses, he will be forced to join the Knights of the Blood Oath. As a result, he lost against Heathcliff in a duel and joins with the Knights of the Blood Oath just for a short time. Kirito and Asuna got into relationship and got married later in the game. They both adopted a child name Yui in the game. Kirito no longer work alone anymore. He teams up with his in-game wife Asuna and continues their journey to escape from the virtual gaming world. Later in the game, it turns out that Akihiko Kayaba was the final boss of the game as Heathcliff: leader of the Knights of the Blood Oath. Kirito has defeated Heathcliff and finally completed Sword Art Online. Everyone was free from Sword Art Online.


This shows has action, adventure, science fiction, funny moments, sad moments and romance. I enjoyed watching the action of fight monsters, bosses and enemies. The animation of the virtual gaming world is beautiful because I love watching the nature. I love this anime show because of the storyline where everyone was trying to beat the game in order to game the game to escape from the virtual world and figure out why it’s created. They are players that continue to fight but some give up. Everyone was afraid of dying even though it’s just a game. Why give up because you can work together or battle alone. Sometimes it’s dangerous to go alone. You’ve got to fight to survive.

I know that this anime show had some flaws and it was criticized for its writing and pacing but I don’t care about the negative reviews of this show because I like this show overall. This show taught me something that no matter what happens, we’ll always stick together as a team. I can’t give up because I have to keep fighting until the very end. I have to overcome any obstacles. Living in a virtual world where you gets to fight monsters, earning money, earning experiences, joining guilds, completing quests, fighting alone, fighting together, explore cities, towns, villages, dungeons, buy and upgrade weapons, equipment, and accessories is really cool. That’s why I love role-playing video games and fantasy games so why not watch Sword Art Online?

I always have an imagination where I’m living inside a virtual gaming world where I can fight monsters. I love Sword Art Online because I play role-playing video games, and fantasy games. I’m a solo player just like Kirito that works alone. Kirito has the lone wolf image. I chose to walk alone and that’s why I earned the title “The Lone Wolf”. I want to level up as much as I can so I can be stronger. I’m glad I watched Sword Art Online because if I’m a Sword Art Online player, I would be a swordsman, dual bladed swordsman and brawler. My title will be “The Black Lone Wolf” or “Black Swordsman”. As an anime fan, I decided to cosplayed as Kirito with the Elucidator foam sword and the Dark Repulser foam sword to show my appreciation. I LOVE SWORD ART ONLINE!! LINK START!!!! #Anime #ActionAnime #AdventureAnime #SwordArtOnline #Kirito #Asuna #KazutoKirigaya