In the near future of 2022, everyone was excited to play a virtual reality game called Sword Art Online. The main protagonist of the show Kirito the beta tester was getting ready to begin his journey to a virtual reality gaming world of Sword Art Online. LINK START!!! Every player has entered the virtual reality gaming world of Sword Art Online. Kirito met Klein on Floor 1: Town of Beginnings. Klein needed help on how to fight monsters on the field. Kirito teaches him the basics on how to fight monsters using his movement and sword skills. Klein has defeated the boar using his sword skills and gained experience points, sol and items. They both continue their hunting to fight monster and having fun playing the game. It may be a virtual gaming world, they feel more alive than the real world. Klein thank Kirito for everything he done for him. They shake each other’s hands and they’ll see each other again later.

Sword Art Online Episode 1

Klein was going to log out of the game to get his pizza and his ginger ale because he’s very hungry but he noticed something weird. There’s no log out button on the menu for Kirito and Klein. Klein called the game master but no respond. They was no emergency log out. They can’t take off the NerveGear off their head because if the player’s hooked in, they can’t move their body in the real world. It also intercepts all the commands they give from inside the game using an interface build into the rig. There’s no way to log out the game. As the bell rings, everyone players has been teleported to the Town of Beginnings on Floor 1. There was a giant mysterious man in a cloak appeared in the sky. His name is Akihiko Kayaba: the game master. He tells everyone about the log out button missing from their menu. He says that it’s how Sword Art Online was design to be. They can’t log out of SAO. People can’t remove or shut down the NerveGear. If they do that, the transmitter of the NerveGear will discharged a powerful microwave into the player’s skull, frying their brain and ending their lives. If a player’s HP went to 0, their avatar will be delete forever plus the NerveGear will destroy their brain, and they’ll die. If players die in the game, they’ll die for real. The only way to escape is to beat the game by defeating every boss and clear the dungeon from Floor 1 to Floor 100. Why would Akihiko Kayaba would do such a thing? He wanted to control the fate of the world of his design. He wishes everyone a good luck.

Sword Art Online

I was starting to like the anime show of Sword Art Online despite its mixed review but I still don’t care. I love to play role-playing video games and I always image myself in the game so why not watch Sword Art Online? It sounds very scared to live inside a virtual reality gaming world where you can’t get out. As you have the power of not giving up and keep moving forward, you’re unstoppable. If anyone is interested to watched Sword Art Online, check it out at #Anime #ActionAnime #AdventureAnime #Kirito #KazutoKirigaya #SwordArtOnline #SwordArtOnlineEpisodes