One month later of everyone playing Sword Art Online, 2,000 players had die in the game. They can’t even clear the first floor. Kirito attends to a meeting that was organized by a man named Diabel. He announces to everyone that his party has discovered the Floor 1 boss. He wants everyone to form a party so that players don’t battle alone. Kirito partner up with a mysterious young girl named Asuna. She’s also a solo player just like Kirito.


A man named Kibaou came to the meeting out of nowhere to blames the beta testers for the deaths of 2,000 player. He wants the beta testers to apologizes for their recklessness. He doesn’t trust the beta testers and he wants the beta tester to give up their money and items to others. Kirito was feeling offended by Kibauo’s words and he wants to say something. A black man named Agil has something to say about the beta testers that it’s not their fault for the deaths of 2,000 players. He informed everyone that the guidebook he got it from was an ex beta tester. He wanted to learn about the player’s death and to figure out how to beat the Floor 1 boss. The Floor 1 boss is named Illfang the Kobold Lord. The boss will be surrounded by its minions called Ruin Kobold Sentinels. Once everyone defeated the Illfang, they money will be divided to the players and the party will get the experience points plus whoever gets an item will keep it. The meeting has ended and the players will all meet together tomorrow at 10:00 am.

During the nighttime, everyone was having a good time drinking and relaxing. Kirito sit next to Asuna and eat creamed bread together. Asuna came to the Town of Beginnings so she don’t lose sight of who she was. She wants to stay the way she was till the very end. She doesn’t want to die and lose to the game or the world. She wants to keep fighting no matter what the cost. Kirito may be solo player, but he doesn’t his party members dying on him. He count on Asuna not to die tomorrow.

The next day, everyone’s going through the forest field to the boss room. Diabel counts on everyone to fight for their lives to win against Illfang. Everyone went inside the boss room and battles the Illfang and his minions. The battle was going very well until Illfang heath became very low. Diabel decided to go for the finishing attack, but Kirito notices Illfang’s true weapon. Kirito wants Diabel to get out of there before he gets killed but it was too late. Illfang use it speed and attacked Diabel. He was fatally wounded and Kirito wants to give him a healing potion but he refuses. Diabel found out that Kirito was a beta tester. He tells Kirito to defeat the boss and save the players at all costs and he died. Kirito and Asuna work together as a team to attack Illfang. Agil and the other player defense against Illfang so Kirito and Asuna can attack Illfang together. Kirito has defeated Illfang with a finishing strike. He obtained the Coat of Midnight.

Kirito vs Illfang

After Kirito defeated Illfang, everyone was celebrating their victory and congratulating Kirito for defeating Illfang until Kibaou asked Kirito of why he let Diabel die. He found out that he knew the technique Illfang use. He didn’t tell everyone the truth and Diabel wasn’t prepared that he didn’t have to die. One of the players thinks that Kirito used to be a beta tester and he want the other beta testers to show themselves. Kirito ends up laughing about it. He consider himself nothing like the other beta testers. He made it to floors higher than the any other tester and knew about the boss cause he fought lots of monsters with swords on higher floors. He knows everything. Kibaou thinks Kirito’s worse than a beta tester and that he’s a cheater. Someone calls him a “beater”: a combination word of beta-tester and cheater. Kirito likes the title beater and he equipped himself the Coat of Midnight. Kirito leaves the group but Asuna follows him and wants to know how Kirito knows her name. There’s a HP gauge with her name next to it. She pronounce his name Kirito and laughed as she didn’t notice it the first time. He wants her to become stronger on her own. Kirito disbands Asuna as a party member and leaves.


Man, everyone just don’t like the beta testers in Sword Art Online. Everyone would’ve just come clean instead of keeping it a secret. It would be better if strong players help low leveled players so they can become strong too. The truth may hurt but it’s better than lying. This would’ve been easy if Kirito told everyone the truth that he’s a beta tester. I understand how it feels to be a solo player that you don’t want to form a party. When you work alone, you become the strongest link to the group. Because of that, I was beginning to admire Kirito’s character as a Lone Wolf. If anyone is interested to watched Sword Art Online, check it out at #Anime #AnimeReview #ActionAnime #AdventureAnime #Kirito #Asuna #KazutoKirigaya #SwordArtOnline #SwordArtOnlineEpisodes




  1. I found this episode both frustrating and fairly well done. It annoyed me that people listened to the illogical argument that the beta testers were to blame for player deaths. Sometimes people die in games. You can be as prepared and well informed as you like and you will still fail and die. This game isn’t any different. At the same time, people are like that when faced with a situation they don’t like. They do look for someone, anyone, to blame.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the episode.

  2. Your welcome Karandi. As a player, it would be better if everyone works together if they’re strong or weak in order to beat the game to escape. Just because someone’s a beta-tester doesn’t mean you have to treat them poorly and blame them for the players deaths. It frustrates me sometimes when people blame other people for something they didn’t do. They’re all prepared to do what’s necessary or not necessary as long as they don’t given up hope. SAO players put their whole lives on the line. If they all have to face it with their strength and heart. For that, I admire their courage to keep fighting till the very end.