On Floor 11 of Taft on Sword Art Online, Kirito has joined a guild named the Moonlit Black Cats: Keita, Sachi, Tetsuo, Sasamaru, and Ducker. Everyone was celebrating and thanking Kirito for saving their lives. Keita asked him what level he was and Kirito said he’s level twenty but he’s actually level forty. He’s keeping his level a secret to everyone. Kirito doesn’t consider himself as a superior to Keita. Keita would like to have Kirito as part of their guild because Tetsuo was the only one the Moonlit Black Cats can put out on forward. Sachi can switch to sword and shield so she can fight on the forward line. Keita doesn’t mind Kirito to teach her. The Moonlit Black Cat were happy to have Kirito as part of their group and he accepted the offer.

Sword Art Online episode 3

On Floor 20 of the Sunlit Forest, everyone’s fighting a grasshopper monster called Killer Mantis. Kirito sliced the monster’s arm off and Tetsuo to finish it off. Tetsuo defeated the monster and he leveled up to level 23 plus obtained the Scythe of Killer Mantis. Everyone congratulated him for defeating the monster.

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Keita read a newspaper about the Assault Team made it through Floor 28 and asked Kirito what the Assault Team got that the Moonlit Black Cats don’t got. Kirito said that they had access information because they can find an easy way to get XP but they don’t share that info. Keita think it was will power because they have the will to stick up for their friends and everyone. He wanted to think that he and Kirito have the same thing but he needs protection. Their priority was to look after each other. When they get stronger, they’ll join the Elites in the Assault Team. Kirito thinks it’s a good goal for Keita. Tetsuo thinks Keita would believe that the Moonlit Black Cats will be stronger as the Holy Dragon Alliance or the Knights of the Blood Oath. Kirito like what’s Keita that if the Moonlit Black Cats can level up fast to get to the front line, his ideals can change the Elite’s attitude of the Assault Team. Kirito’s secret level was level forty-eight.

Sword Art Online Moonlit Black Cats

On Floor 11 of Taft, Keita make an announcement that the group made 200,000 gold from hunting. Tetsuo considers buying a house, and Sasamaru wants the group to upgrade Sachi’s equipment but she doesn’t need any upgrades. They don’t want Kirito to be on the forward forever but he doesn’t seem mind it. Keita was counting on Sachi to be strong. On Floor 28 of Wolf Plains at night, Kirito saw his friend Klein and his guild fighting wolves. When Klein defeated a wolf monster, he was happy to see Kirito again. He saw an icon on top of Kirito and asked if he joined a guild. He joined a guild but he walked past Klein saying goodbye. He was wondering what’s  bothering him. When Kirito teleported back to town, he got a message from Keita that Sachi hasn’t come back. The group was heading to a dungeon. Kirito was going to look for Sachi and he found her. Sachi thinks they should run away from the town, from monster, the Moonlit Black Cats and Sword Art Online. She was asking why does everyone have to die knowing that it’s just a game and what’s the point of all of this. There’s no point at all. She’s afraid of dying that she can’t sleep. Kirito doesn’t believe that she’s going to die. He believe that the Moonlit Black Cats were strong as a guild that everyone’s fighting together as a team and they want clear the game. He believes that she won’t die and she’ll make it to the real world.

Sachi can’t sleep so she wants to sleep with Kirito. He wants to stay in the guild to keep her safe and make it out alive. There were players just like Sachi who were afraid of dying. Everyone laugh, cries and doing their best to live their own lives. Kirito promises Sachi that she’ll survive and he’ll protect everyone. The next morning while Keita’s being teleporting to Town of Beginnings, Ducker wants the guild to go a dungeon on a higher floor but Kirito want to stick to the usual hunting spots. Ducker and Sasamaru believe they can make more money faster and they got nothing to worried about. On Floor 27 Dungeon, everyone’s walking and Ducker found a hidden door. They found a treasure chest but Kirito doesn’t want them to open it. It turns out that it was a trap. The door was shut and the room was surrounded by Granite Elementals and Dark Dwarf Miners. The guild can’t use their crystals to teleport so they can’t escape. Kirito had no choice but to fight them. Ducker has been attacked by Dark Dwarf Miners and he was killed. Tetsuo was killed and Sasamaru attacked a Granite Elemental with his spear but he was killed too. While Kirito’s fighting the monsters, Sachi was struggling to fight as she defends herself. Kirito was trying to save her but it was too late as she got attacked from behind from a Granite Elemental and she was killed.


On Floor 49 of Mugien, everyone was celebrating Christmas Eve. While Kirito’s sitting on the bench, someone told him that there’s an event boss called Nicholas the Renegade. He wants to take matters into his own hands. Kirito was level 70 as he continues to be a solo player. He heard something that Nicholas will dropped an item that can revive a dead player. He equipped himself a new outfit and a new sword. He’s going to do this alone and he probably might die alone. Nobody will see him, no one will know and nothing will be left behind. Keita has found out that Kirito’s a beater and he said he has no right to be with a guild. Keita has commit suicide. It was Kirito’s fault because his arrogance is what kills people. It wouldn’t be better if he hasn’t kept his level a secret to everyone.

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On Floor 35 of Forest Maze, Kirito was figuring out how to beat Nicholas, revived Sachi and find out what she was trying to say. While he’s running to find Nicholas, he saw Klein and his guild when they teleported to the Forest Maze. They followed him because they know that he’s going for the revival item. Klein doesn’t want Kirito to throw his live away and he wants him to stop being a solo player. Kirito still wants to it alone. He don’t want Kirito to die just being suicidal. Kirito, Klein and his guild were being followed by the Holy Dragon Alliance. Klein wants Kirito to get the revival item while he handled the Holy Dragon Alliance. Kirito has found a tree and Nicholas has appeared. He battled the event boss on his own. Klein and his guild has defeated the Holy Dragon Alliance. Kirito has teleported back to see Klein and he has the revival item but he give it to him. He tells him that if someone dies in front of him, he need to use it. Klein wants Kirito to stay alive until the very end and he cried. Kirito leaves the Forest Maze.

Sword Art Online episode 3

Kirito was inside a house alone and he got a gift box from Sachi. He activates a message crystal and it was Sachi’s voice. She wished him a Merry Christmas. She wanted to send a message to him before she dies. She never wanted to leave town that she’ll die with an attitude. She’s been told by Kirito that she wasn’t going to die but if she dies, Kirito would end up blame himself. She knew that Kirito was strong because she saw his level when he wasn’t looking in bed. She wondered why would he fight with a guild. When she found out how strong he was, she was really happy and relieved. She wants him to promise her to keep on living to see the end of the world of why Sword Art Online was created. She decided to sing a Christmas song to Kirito. She was humming Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer to Kirito and he was crying that he’s really sorry. She was happy that she met him and be with him. She thanked him and said goodbye to him.

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This episode was making me sad that I understand what it feel to fight by yourself. Everyone was fighting to survive but sometimes it’s too late that they got killed by monsters. I understand everyone was afraid of dying but all we have is live our lives just to be happy and strong. Kirito’s arrogance is what kills people and he felt ashamed by his action. He didn’t tell everyone the truth that he’s a beta-tester. He was accused of being a traitor and he has no friends. He didn’t have the chance to save his friends and they died. He ends up breaking a promise to his friends. I feel really sorry for him. Sometimes, people don’t want to be part with a group that they rather be alone. I feel like that too because I want to work alone so I can be strong. What a sad episode of Sword Art Online…. 🙁 If anyone is interested to watched Sword Art Online, check it out at http://www.crunchyroll.com #Anime #AnimeReview #ActionAnime #AdventureAnime #Kirito #KazutoKirigaya #SwordArtOnline #SwordArtOnlineEpisodes