On February 23, 2024, there was a group gather together at Floor 35 of a field dungeon Lost Forest. There was a Beast Tamer named Silica arguing with Rosalia about healing items. Silica doesn’t care and let Rosalia can have her healing items but she don’t want to team up with her anymore. She believe that there’s other people who would like to have her on their team. She leaves the party on her own. During the night at the Lost Forest, she ran into monsters called Drunken Apes. She’s at level 44 and her Hit Points were less than a half. She has a little feathered dragon that is a Tamed Monster called Pina. It uses its healing powers to heal Silica. She doesn’t have any healing items and she was attacked by a Drunken Ape. Her Hit Points were at the red bar but if she doesn’t do something, she’ll die. When a Drunken Ape was going for a final blow, Pina saved her but it was hit and it took heavy damage. Pina died saving Silica’s life. As she’s about to be killed by the Drunken Apes, they were defeated by the hands of a Black Swordsman Kirito. He came to the rescue and saved her life. After he saves Silica, she was crying over the loss of dear friend Pina. He feel sorry that if he shown up quickly, he would save her best friend. She didn’t want Kirito to blame himself because she think it’s all her fault that she can make it through the Lost Forest by herself. She thanked her for saving her. Kirito wants her to check the feather to see if it has an item name. It was Pina’s heart. He tells her that there’s a chance that Pina can still be revived.

Sword Art Online Episode 4

On the south side of Floor 47, there’s a field dungeon called The Hill of Memories and it has a special flower that can revived Pina. Silica feels too discouraged that she can’t make to Floor 47 at her current level. Kirito wanted to get it for her but he wants her to pay for the trip. He tells her that the flower won’t bloom unless the master’s there. She thanked him for telling her information. She wants to level up and be stronger but she only has three days until Pina’s revived. As she feels discouraged again, Kirito offered her an Ebon Dagger, Silver Thread Armor, Moon Blazer, Fairy Boots and Florit to increase her defense. He also wanted to travel with her. She asked why he’s doing that for her. He wanted to tell her but she needs to promise not to laugh. The only reason that Kirito has helped her was because she reminded him of his sister and she was laughing about it. Silica wants to offer him some money but he refuses. They both introduced themselves and they decide to work together.

Sword Art Online Episode 4

At Floor 35 at a town called Mishe, Kirito and Silica were walking together but there’s two guys that were worried about Silica. They wanted her to team up with them but she refuses and she was holding Kirito’s arm because she already has someone to team up with. She walks away with him and the guys were feeling jealous. She asked if Kirito lives on Mishe but he’s on Floor 50. Since it’s too far, he wants to stay in an inn on Misha. Silica has run into her ex party member Rosalia. She was surprised see to her that she made it out alive through the Lost Forest and she asked what happened to Pina. She told her that it died saving her but she’s going to revive Pina. Rosalia knows that she’ll be going to the Hill of Memories but she don’t think that she’ll clear it at her current level. Kirito tells Rosalia that Silica can clear Floor 47 because it’s not think difficult to level. She thinks Silica seduced another player but she don’t consider Kirito strong but he is. Kirito and Silica went to the inn and have dinner. He explained to her that there are a different type of players in Sword Art Online: Green Cursors: players that are not hostile to other. Orange Cursors: if a player commit a crime, their cursor will turn orange and Red Cursors: players are known to murder other players. Sword Art Online is not a game and Kirito was feeling down but Silica cheers him up. He thanked her and she was blushing. At the inn room, Kirito took out a Mirage Sphere to show information on Floor 47 to Silica but he noticed someone eavesdropping on them. Kirito ran out and open the door to see who was there, but the player manage to escape.

On February 24, 2024, Kirito and Sillica has transported to Floor 47 as they began their journey to the south side of Floria. She was enjoying the view of looking at the flowers at the Forest Garden but she saw couples everywhere. She was blushing and Kirito asked if there’s anything wrong but there’s nothing wrong. He gave her a teleport crystal just in case something bad happens. As they’re walking, Silica was caught by a plant monster but it’s not strong. She defeated it very easily. As they defeating numerous plant monsters, she asked about his sister of what she’s like. He calls her his sister but she actually his cousin. They were raised like brother and sister and she doesn’t knows that but he knows. They have a strict grandfather and he made them take classes for the Kendo Dojo when he was eight years old. After two years, he quit going to the classes and his grandfather beat him up for that. His sister stood up for him and told him to stop. She told him that she’ll train hard for him and herself and she did. Because she trained hard, she made it to the nationals but he felt guilty for putting her through that. He thinks that she hates him. That’s why Kirito wanted to help Silica as much as he can in order to repay his sister back. Silica doesn’t think Kirito’s sister hates him and that she loves kendo. She has cheered him up again and he feels better. As Silica’s walking, she was ambushed again by a plant monster but she was saved by Kirito. They finally made it to the The Hill of Memories and got the Pneuma Flower. As there’s strong monster around the area, they’re going to revive Pina when they get back to town.

Kirito and Silica found the Pneuma Flower

As they walking over a small bridge, Kirito sensed a group of players hiding and waiting to ambush them. It was Rosalia: the leader of the Titan’s Hand guild. She demands them to hand over the Pneuma Flower. Silica was wondered how Rosalia’s cursor could be orange if she had a green cursor. Kirito explained that it was just a simple trick, where players like Rosalia can find targets for the orange members of the guild. He told her that he was looking for her that ten days ago and she attacked a guild called The Silver Flags. They wanted her and her guild to be sent to jail under the request of a leader of the Silver Flags. The other members of the Titan’s Hand guild came out of hiding, and bring out their weapons.

Titan's Hand Guild

Kirito handles the Titan’s Hand guild by himself while Silica stays away. She yells out his name and one of the orange player recognized him as the Black Swordsman that uses a one-handed sword with no shield. The orange player tells Rosalia that he was a Beater who plays solo on the front lines and with the Assault Team. She doesn’t believe anything and she wants the members to take him out. Kirito was doing nothing as the orange players attacks him and Silica was getting worried that he could die.

Sword Art Online Episode 4

When she looked at his Hit Points, it was regenerated back to full health. The orange players were exhausted from attacking Kirito and Rosalia was getting annoyed that they want them to kill him. Kirito told the orange players that they only did four hundred damage to him in ten second and he’s level 78. He has fourteen thousand five hundred HP and his battle healing skill can regenerate six hundred points within ten seconds. He took out a rare Corridor Crystal the was bought by the fallen guild’s leader, and he plans to send all the orange player to jail on the 1st Floor that was governed by The Army. When Rosalia’s about to attack, Kirito uses his speed and threatens to kill her. He tells her that he’s a solo player and he doesn’t mind being an orange player. Rosalia has dropped her spear, and all of the members were sent to jail.

Kirito threaten Rosalia

Back to the Weathercock Pavilion, Kirito has apologized to Silica for using her as bait to catch them. He thought she might be scared if he told her the truth about him. She’s not scared of him because she still consider him a good person. Kirito has to leave and return to the front lines. He wants to meet Silica in the real world one day because he like having her as a friend. She used the Pneuma Flower on Pina’s heart and she was thinking of telling Pina about her adventure with Kirito.

Sword Art Online Episode 4

Kirito really lived up to his expectation of being a solo player. He wants to be strong just by going alone but this time, he wants to help other players. He learned from his past mistake that he doesn’t want lost a friend again when he joined a guild. He saved a good friend named Silica and he watches out for her just like when he watches out for his sister. The funny thing was that Silica has a crush on Kirito because I can tell. It’s nice to watch out for someone like your family and friends. Sword Art Online was beginning to teach me about the bonds of friendship. If anyone is interested to watched Sword Art Online, check it out at http://www.crunchyroll.com #Anime #AnimeReview #ActionAnime #AdventureAnime #Kirito #KazutoKirigaya #Silica #SwordArtOnline #SwordArtOnlineEpisodes