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Tales of Hearts R is a Japanese role-playing video game that was released for the Nintendo DS in Japan and the PlayStation Vita. It was developed by Namco Tales Studio and published by Bandai Namco Games. It is the eleventh Tales game of the Tales series. The main protagonist Kor Meteor discovers a young girl named Kohaku Hearts and her brother Hisui Hearts near his home town. When Kohaku was attacked by a mysterious sorceress named Incarose, she was infected by a monster called a Xerom. Kor tried to cure her using his Soma: an ancient weapon designed to fight xerom. He ends up shattering Kohaku’s Spiria Core, the embodiment of her heart and soul. Her emotions were scattered around to pieces across the world but she only has her kindness. Kor travels with Hisui and Kohaku on a journey to restore her Spiria.

Tales of Hearts R takes place in two fantasy worlds of Organica and Minera. Two millennia ago, Minera was a state of war with itself, and Organica’s population were being used by the Minerans as a food source for organic weapons called xeroms. The xeroms were made to attack Spirias: the crystalline core of a person’s emotions, and it will be destroyed or be infected with an ailment called despir. Some Minerans who sympathized with the Organicans’ plight and wishes for peace will provided them with weapons to fight the xeroms called Soma. After Minera was destroyed, the xerom continues to threaten the people of Minera and the people who has Somas and fight the xeroms are called Somatics.


Tales of Hearts R

Tales of Hearts has a similar gameplay to other Tales games. You can visit various towns and dungeons throughout the game. Characters can talk to non playable characters, buy items, and progress through the story. Dungeons will have a lot of enemies, treasures, and puzzles. You can use the Sorcerer’s Ring to solve puzzles. After you defeated enemies in battle, you get Gald to buy stuff, grade for how well you fight and experience points for leveling up. When traveling to towns and dungeons, the player travels through the field map. Items can found in chests around towns and dungeons. They can be used in battle, obstacles and objects in the field areas. On the field map, the player can go through “field dungeons”, which do have a lot of enemies. Random encounters will be triggered when you travel through dungeons and around the fields. You can view skits in this game. Skits are fully voiced with character with animated portraits and it’s voiced in Japanese. You can learn new recipes through events or finding the Wonder Chef. Character can cook after battle or during exploration. They can gain healing and effects. You can level up in cooking.

Tales of Hearts R skit


Tales of Hearts R battle

For the PlayStation Vita, the gameplay takes place in 3D environments with fully rendered character models. Four party members can be used in battle. Tales of Hearts R has a battle system called “Aerial Chase Linear Motion Battle System”. It has a feature called “Chase links” where it enables a character to follow an enemy after knocking it into the air and continue a combo attack. The player character can perform a Chase Cross attack, while holding down the attack button activating a finishing move. When a special Break Attack lands on an enemy with such a symbol, the Chase Cross will be triggered and the character will have limited amount of time to attack the enemy without fear. It has the TP and TC system, where all Artes consume 1 TC and a certain amount of TP in additional to the normal standard attack combo. It has “Union Artes”: when special attacks are unique to a particular character pairing. It has another feature called “Guard Counters”: where enemies can break out of combos and flash red in a strong attack. When you press the guard button at the right time before the attack would hit initiates a Guard Counter, allowing the character to stagger the enemy once more and continue a combo. You can activate the Overlimit from Level 1 to 4 where it can prevent you from staggering, reduce TP consumption, recover status effect and use Mystic Artes a Level 3 or 4. You can use Mystic Artes along with Dual Mystic Artes.


There’s a customization in this game for characters to increase their stats called Soma Build. Characters can level up using the Soma Build Points (SBPs) with the “Soma” a character’s signature weapon. They get SBPs from leveling up plus you can use SBPs to increase your characters stats, get new Soma weapons, get new Artes and gain new skills. When the Soma evolves, you will be granted with new abilities. They have a stat upgrade called Spira Parameters, which strengthen the character’s stats: HP, TP, Physical Attack, Will Defense, Physical Defense and Will Defense. The Soma Build is a one-way progression, and some soma skills will be missed. When Soma Build is performed on a weapon enough times, the weapon can go through a process called “Soma Evolve”, in which the Soma will take on a new form and name, and unlock new Soma Skills. Certain level combinations will result in additional skills or parameters.

There are four types of Soma Skills:

Parameter Skills: increase the character’s stats permanently

Action Skills: allows the characters to do actions such as Aerial Jump, Aiming Step or BackStep

Support Skills: gives characters added effect such as reduced item usage time, less damage from elements, increased critical rate and etc

Battle Skills: teaches Artes to the character either Strike Artes or Spell Artes

Throughout the game, there are events in which the player can choose different options towards another character, called a “Somatic Bond”. Through certain choices, it will cause the outcomes of scenes to change, and the character may gain points towards their “Somatic Bond Value”. Once the characters Somatic Bond is high enough, the character can learn various skills. Some of the skills can be learned through Somatic Bond. It’s very important to have a strong affection with everyone. Additionally, the more certain characters participate in battle together, the better they will relate each other.


HP: Hit Points

TP: Technical Points

TC: Technical Counter

Physical Attack: how much damage you cause to enemies with physical attacks

Will Attack: how much damage you cause to enemies with elemental attacks

Physical Defense: deal less damage you take from enemies

Will Defense: deal less damage from elemental attacks



Kor Meteor or Shing Meteoryte: the main protagonist of Tales of Hearts R that lives on an isolated island Seaville with his grandfather Sydan and he’s a young with a strong curiosity of the world. Kor is armed with a heart. He has romantic feelings for Kohaku.

Kohaku Hearts or Amber Hearts: a young girl who travels the world with her brother searching for a Soma and she was guided by Lithia. She has romantic feelings for Kor.

Hisui Hearts or Jadeite Hearts: Kohaku’s overprotective older brother with a stubborn, hotheaded personality. He has feeling for Lithia

Gall Gruner: a veteran Somatic and he became a master after his wife and daughter were killed by Xerom. He joins Kor’s group in the hope of destroying the Xerom

Ines Lorenzen: a young woman who is the manager and sole employee of the transport shop “Wanderlust and she has superhuman strength

Beryl Benito: a young girl who ran away from her village to become a court painter

Kunzite: an ancient mechanical guardian knight constructed with functions that mimic and understand human emotions and giving him the equivalent of a heart. He was created as Richea’s guardian

Chalcedony Akerman: a skilled swordsman and the leader of the Crystal Knights

Lithia Spodumene: a woman with emerald-green hair and appears similar to the sleeping princess of the fairy tales. She’s a Mineran

Kor is my favorite character of this game due to his easygoing personality. He always been physically abused by Hisui whenever he teases him or talk nonsense to him. Because of that, Hisui acts like a big brother to Kor and Kor acts like a little brother to Hisui even though they hate each other but they became good friends. Kor and Kohaku are like a couple when they work together, travel together, and fight together. This is true Tales love. My favorite place to go in the game was the Lion Park. I was laughing when Kor and Hisui both got dizzy from the spinning cup at the amusement park but at least they both had fun. Hisui makes me laugh too hard every time he gets angry and makes an angry gangsta face. Seriously, why is he so angry all the time? It’s nice to have Chalcedony as a party member despite he was an antagonist with Pyrox and Peridot. Because of the rivalry between Kor and Chalcedony, they became good friends. They fought each other and now they fight together.


Creed Graphite: the main antagonist of the game. He lives in Kor’s heart until he returns to his real body at Mysticete. He destroyed Minera when he unleashed it upon Gardenia, a Queen Xerom created to destroy all Spiria with feelings of war.

Incarose: a mysterious sorceress who hunts Kohaku and Hisui. She is one of Creed’s loyal servants and a mechanical guardian like Kunzite.

Creed and Incarose are my favorite villains of the game. Incarose killed Kor’s grandfather and Creed was inside Kor’s during his travels. I feel very bad for Kor for what he been through. Creed doesn’t care about anything but he believes the Minerans are alive within Gardenia and he intends to undo Fluora’s work and rebuilding Minera at the cost of Organica and its people. He still live in the past and I found it very pitiful. This game taught me that we humans have a strong powerful weapon: our capacity of love. We don’t just live, we live in style.

This is my fifth favorite Tales game. I love the storyline, characters, music and the character growth system. I love playing this game all the time. I always use Kor in battle because he’s the main character. I made him the strongest of the group because I was training to increase his Devil Arm weapon but it increases 1 attack for 4 kills. It’s very time-consuming but it was all worth it. I use Kor, Gall, Hisui, and Kohaku as my best party team in this game. This is a gaming video of me doing a gameplay of Tales of Hearts R on the PlayStation TV. I’m just going inside Triverse Gate having fun defeating monster with the Devil Arms weapons. Every character are maxed out at level 200. Everyone has the shadow costumes from defeating the shadow bosses for the Devil Arm weapons. Here’s a second gaming video of Tales of Hearts R random skits. #RolePlayingVideoGame #VideoGame #TalesSeries #TalesGame #TalesofHeartsR #PlaystationVita