Tales of Symphonia is a Japanese role-playing video game published by Namco and it’s the fifth Tales game of the Tales series. It was developed by Namco Tales Studio. This game is for Nintendo GameCube, PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3. Tales of Symphonia is a two disc game. It was released since 2003. The game takes place in a fantasy world called Sylvarent. Colette Brunel: the Chosen the Regeneration was destined to go on a journey to regenerate the world and save it with Lloyd, Genis, Raine and Kratos but Kratos later betrayed the group when he revealed his true identity as the angel of Cruxis at the Tower of Salvation. It turns out that they learned that saving their world Sylvarent endangers another parallel world called Tethe’alla. Lloyd and his friends leave Sylvarent and went to another parallel Tethe’alla to find another way to save both worlds. They’re joined by Zelos, Sheena, Presea and Regal. The party learns that awakening the Summon Spirits in both worlds will serve the mana tie between the two worlds.


This game has an 3D world field map, towns, dungeons and a battle screen. You can travel around the world through the game. The character can travel on foot, ride on Lloyd’s pet Noishe and ride flying vehicles called Rheairds. On field maps, characters are directed across realistically scaled environments. You will be assaulted by monsters if they touch you. When you got to towns or cities, you can go to shops to buy items, foods, weapons, equipment, accessories and customize weapons plus armor. You can do a lot of side quest. You can rest in an inn to restore your HP and TP. When you go in a dungeons, you’ll find treasure chest and solving puzzles. On the world and field maps, the skits between the characters can be viewed. Skits are character conversations that talks about the world. Skits involve animated character portraits, and subtitles. World map skits can affect Lloyd’s relationships with other characters. You have to choose the answer of what Lloyd would say. The player will be able to make certain decisions that imperceptibly affect how the other characters think of Lloyd. Some choices can have minor ramifications for the game’s storyline.




If you touch an enemy inside a dungeon or outside the field, you are forced to battle them. The game uses a Multi-Line Linear Motion Battle System. The combat system is action orientated. The battle screen is 3D from any environment area in the game. The player commands the characters in battles against enemies. Only four characters from the party are chosen to battle. During a battle, you can change your technique moves, change your Unison Attack moves, your strategy of how characters fight in battle, your equipment, use items and flee the battle. Characters and enemies can move freely in battle. You can attack your enemies and stagger them to get more combo. You can fill the Unison Gauge up by causing damage to your enemies. When the Unison Gauge is full, you can use the Unison Attack: the four characters use their techniques on a single enemy to deal with a lot of damage. Character with certain attacks can be combined and attack together with a super move. Everyone has their own attacks and equipment. After you defeated all the monster, you’ll earn experience for leveling up, gald (money) to buy stuff, get item drops, material drops and grade of how well you do in battle. Grade are used to purchase bonuses during New Game Plus. If all characters are defeated in battle, it’s game over and you have to start all over from your last save point. You can choose any characters to cook after battle if you have the food ingredients. Cooking can recover your HP (Hit Points) and TP (Technical Points) but it can boost your attributes. Characters will level up their cooking skill if they cook more. Lloyd Irving: a twin swordsman, Colette Brunel: fights with chakrams and Angel magic, Genis Sage: a mage, Raine Sage: very limited offensive spell caster, supporting magic, and a healer, Kratos Aution: magic swordsman and a little healer, Sheena Fujibayashi: melee fighter with cards, magic infused seals and spirit summoner, Zelos Wilder: magic swordsman and a little healer, Presea Combatir: an axe close ranged warrior, and Regal Bryant: a kick fighter and a healer.

Character Status:

HP: Hit Points

TP: Technical Points

Strength: deal how much damage you do to enemies

Defense: the less damage you take from enemies

Intelligence: deals how much damage magic spells

Accuracy: if the
enemy’s evasion is low, your attacks will do more damage.

Evasion: the less
damage an opponent with low accuracy will do to you

Luck: affects monster item drop rate and steal rate

This game has a skill system called EX Gems and it comes in four ranks: EX Gem Level 1, EX Gem Level 2, EX Gem Level 3, and EX Gem Level 4. Every character can equip up to four EX Gems and set abilities. The abilities will determine if the characters will learn either Strike or Technical techniques and spells. Combinations of EX Gem abilities can also grant additional abilities called “EX-Skills”. The development of a character’s attributes from when they leveled up is determined by their “Title”. Characters can earn titles throughout the story, side quests and completion of miscellaneous criteria.



Lloyd Irving: the main protagonist of Tales of Symphonia and a twin swordsman

Colette Brunel: Lloyd’s childhood best friend and the Chosen of Regeneration

Genis Sage: Lloyd’s best friend and younger brother of Raine

Raine Sage: school teacher and Genis’s older sister

Kratos Aurion: a mercenary and the angel of Cruxis

Zelos Wilder: the Chosen of Tethe’alla and the ladies man

Sheena Fujibayashi: a mysterious assassin who forms a pact with summon spirits

Presea Combatir: a woodcutter from Ozette

Regal Bryant: a criminal who killed Presea’s older sister Alicia

Every character has a dark past but all of them learn from their past mistakes.

The Despised: Genis and Raine are both half elves but humans couldn’t accept of who they are. Because of that, elves, and half elves began to hate humans. Genis wanted to shut humans out of his life but he befriended Lloyd because he accept Genis for who he is and Raine.

The Judged: Presea still couldn’t forgive Regal for killing her sister Alicia because she’s full of rage and vengeance. The reason why Regal killed Alicia is because she wanted him to save her from killing him. The Exsphere caused her to turn into a monster. She begged him kill her before she kills him. As a result, she died by the hands of Regal and he turned himself in to jail. He refuse to use his hands and vowed to never kill again with his hands realizing that he killed his love.

The Cowards: Zelos tried to run away from his responsibilities as a Chosen of Tethe’alla. Sheena couldn’t form a pact with the summon spirit leading a quarter of deaths to the people in Mizuho. She run away from her crimes. Zelos and Sheena both learn that there’s a value in life and they shouldn’t run away.


Mithos Yggdrasill: main antagonist and the leader of Cruxis and the Desians

Cruxis: an organization led by Mithos who aims to revive Martel and to complete his Age of Lifeless Beings plan.

Desians: works for Cruxis and imprison humans to use to create Exspheres

The Five Desian Grand Cardinals:

Magnius: a corrupted and cruel man who is in charge of the Palmacosta Human Ranch

Kvar: an arrogant and calculating man who is in charge of the Asgard Human Ranch. He also pioneered the Angelus Project, which Anna, Lloyd’s mother, was a victim of.

Rodyle: an ambitious and manipulative scientist who is in charge of the Remote Island Human Ranch

Forcystus: a man who was a hero for killing a group of humans that were leading a massacre on half-elves and he’s in charge of the Iselia Ranch.

Pronyma: a woman who worships and loves Yggdrasill, and the leader of the five Desian Grand Cardinals.

Sometime you have to love a villain that you hated the most. What Kratos said to Kvar when he killed him was “Feel the pain of those inferior beings as you burn in hell”. That was when Kratos helped Lloyd killed Kvar to avenge his mother from when Kvar speaks ill of his dead mother. Seriously, I really hate people like that. Kratos was a party member for a while but he betray the group from when he told everyone that he is an angel of Cruxis: an evil organization led by Mithos Yggdrasill. Why do some party members have to be traitor? Yggdrasill was a very powerful boss at first. The second I faced him, he’s still a little strong but the fight is very even, but the third time, we’ve emerge victorious against Yggdrasill. Pronyma wanted Yggdrasill’s help after she was defeated Lloyd and his rejoice party members. Instead, he kills her because he doesn’t care. Everyone was shocked at Yggdrasill’s cruel action. Yggdrasill doesn’t care about anyone but himself because all he wanted was to leave the world with his sister Martal. If they both leave the world with Derris-Kharlan, then the world will be destroyed.

Tales of Symphonia is my number one favorite Tales games that I’ve ever played. I beat this game multiple times. I love Tales of Symphonia because of its great storyline, characters, music and the battle system. I’ve beaten this game multiple time and I never get tired of playing it. I enjoy fighting monsters and exploring the world. The funniest thing I learned from playing Tales of Symphonia is that Raine Sage is the worst cook in Tales history. She makes me laugh every time she smack some sense into Lloyd and Genis. This is a gaming of me doing a gameplay of Tales of Symphonia on the Nintendo GameCube. I’m just having fun fighting monster in the Temple of Darkness. I just want to go through the game but still be strong be grinding money and leveling up. Everyone has the Devil’s Arm weapons. The weapons may show the worst weapon attributes but when it comes to damage of how many enemies you’ve killed, it will change your mind. I’m not maxed out but I’m still too strong because of the Devil’s Arm when I defeated the powerful boss in the game: Abyssion. I used Lloyd Irving a lot because he’s the main protagonist and a twin swordsman. My strategy when it come to playing fantasy games is that I use the main character, second attacker, spell caster, and a healer. My best party team of Tales of Symphonia are Lloyd, Sheena, Genis and Raine. Sheena is my favorite character to use in battle because she Summons Spirits: Efreet: spirit of fire, Undine: spirit of water, Sylph: spirit of wind, Aska and Luna: spirit of light, Volt: spirit of lightning, Gnome: spirit of earth, Celsius: spirit of ice, Shadow: spirit of darkness, Origin: spirit of the void, and Maxwell: ancient ruler of elements. This is the best Tales games of all time for the Nintendo GameCube. #TalesofSymphonia #NintendoGameCube #Playstation2 #Playstation3 #RolePlayingVideoGame #VideoGame #TalesSeries #Talesgame