Tales of the Abyss is a role-playing video game developed by Namco Tales Studio. It was published by Namco and Namco Bandai Games. It’s the eighth generation Tales game of the Tales series. This game is for PlayStation 2 and Nintendo 3ds. This game takes place in a fantasy world called Auldrant: a planet that collected elementary particles called “Fonons”. There are six fonons: Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Light and Shadow but there’s a seventh fonon that controls Sound. The seventh fonon allows the reader to read the future but it can bring greater chaos. A Seventh Fonist: Yulia Jue is an important religious figure in the game that put a future in place for the world for thousands of years to come with a promise of limitless prosperity at its end. A prophecy of the future’s set path becomes known as the “Score”and that is written on Fonstones scattered around the world. The two nations of Kimlasca-Lanvaldear and Malkuth fought over a stone for years and trying to discover the future. There was a holy order that dedicates to the reading of the Score and the keeping of the peace. The Order of Lorelei is guided by a Fon Master to maintain the religious/political and military branches.

Luke Fon Fabre is the main protagonist of Tales of the Abyss. In the beginning, Luke has been kidnapped by the Malkuth military seven years ago and had an amnesia. He was confined to his home for safety by his uncle King Ingobert the VI. He’s a target to the military religious organization called the Order of Lorelei who believe him to be the key to an ancient prophecy. Luke was trying to discover of why he was born. Together with his friends, Luke wants to discover the truth of why he was born as well as unravel the mystery of The Score, the prophecy that has bound humanity’s actions for thousands of years. Is this a path of a new life or a sad fate for Luke?


Tales of the Abyss

The gameplay of this game is similar to Tales of Symphonia. You can travel through dungeons and towns to progress through their journey with a highly detailed world map. You will also get a vehicle to travel in that will allow for quicker movement throughout the world. The characters can earn titles through side quests and events. Some titles can also change the characters costumes. Each character has unique costumes. In order to acquire costumes, you must complete certain tasks. Every title in this game carries a special effect: getting discounts for shops to recovering small amounts of HP.



The game has a Flex Range Linear Motion Battle System. The game controls are similar to other Tales games, but with increased maneuverability. The characters can attack, defend, perform an arte or call up a menu, use items or commanding an ally to perform an action. This system has a multiplayer co-op battles. The battle system has a new feature called “Free Run” where you can run freely at any direction in battle.

This game has features of skills and spells to unleash against enemies. The game has a new feature to the battle system called “Field of Fonons”.  When a character uses a spell or an arte that has an elemental alignment, an element circle will appear on the ground. After they level up with more techniques of the same element, the circle will light up with an element color to signify that a FOF change is available. If a character stands in the circle and performs a skill that corresponds with the FOF circle, the arte or spell will be upgraded into a powerful version. Enemies can also use and create FOF fields. Characters can use “Over Limit” when the green bar is full. The Over Limit bar can be filled by doing combos and making critical hits on your enemies. When a character activates Over Limit, they can use their Mystic Artes if they learned an AD Skill called Special. Enemy bosses can also have Mystic Artes.

After you’ve defeated all of your enemies, you’ll earn experiences to level up, gald to buy items, weapons, armor, and accessories and grade. Grade are earned after battle and the grade will increase or decrease depending how the battle was played. If you defeat your enemies very quickly, get a big combo, and don’t take any damage, your grade will increased higher. If you take too much damage, party members get killed or have any negative status effects on them, it will decrease your grade. When you beat the game, you can use your Grade to purchase bonuses for the next walk-through.


Tales of the Abyss features a cooking system where you can cook after battle or between battles. You can collect recipes and ingredients throughout the game. You can set up four different recipes to the control pad and use it after battle. All recipes requires ingredients and it will have effects to recover your HP, TP and temporarily increase other stats. You can increase the characters cooking level for each recipes by cooking more frequently. Skits are basically short conversations that may be viewed in the game while traveling. Skits will show the characters anime faces and they will have a conversation to interact with each other.


Every character can learn “AD Skills,” which can be equipped or not equipped to help them out in battles. It features a huge number of skills which can learned with the use of “Capacity Cores”. Capacity Cores are items that will give stat bonuses when a character levels up in battle. Once a character reaches a certain statistic with enough stat bonus, the AD skill will be learned.

Tales of the Abyss capacity core


HP: Hit Points

TP: Technical Points

Physical Attack: deal how much damage you do to enemies

Physical Defense: take less damage from enemies

Fonic Attack: deal how much magic damage you do to enemies

Fonic Attack: take less magic damage from enemies

Agility: increases movement speed in battle

Enhancement: an luck stat that serves an interesting function in that there are a number of AD Skills you can only obtain by getting a certain amount of Enhancement.


Tales of the Abyss characters

Luke Fon Fabre: the main protagonist of the game and a replica of Asch the Bloody who was the original Luke Fon Fabre

Guy Cecil: Luke’s best friend and a servant to Duke Fabre’s manor. He has a phobia of women

Jade Curtiss: Commander of the 3rd Division of the Malkuth Imperial Forces and the Necromancer

Tear Grants: a soldier who was trained by Legretta and a Seventh Fonist

Anise Tatlin: a Fon Master Guardian to Ion

Natalia L.K Lanvaldear: Luke’s cousin and princess of Kimlasca-Lanvaldear

Asch the Bloody: the original Luke Fon Fabre who was born in Baticul

Fon Master Ion: leader of the Order of Lorelei

Mieu: a fire breathing cheagle

Luke means “Light of the Sacred Flame” in Ancient Ispanian. Luke Fon Fabre is my favorite character of this game despite that he is a self-centered, spoiled, arrogant, rude and selfish jerk in the beginning of the game but in time, he became a better person later in the game. Van used Luke to activate his hyperressonance to the Sephiroth that supports Akzeriuth and the whole town was destroyed. Thousands of lives were lost when the whole city fallen into the Qliphoth. Because of this, Jade, Natalia, Anise, Ion, Guy, and Tear leaves Luke due to his selfish, arrogant attitude. Mieu is the only who stayed on Luke’s side and he understands how it feels when a lot of people died because of his actions. He discovered that he is a replica of Asch who is the original Luke. He changed his ways and cut his hair. He went from a spoiled brat into a selfless hero. It’s all about character growth. I don’t care if he’s a replica as Asch the Bloody because he’s still a human being. Guy believed in Luke that he can move on from his mistakes. Guy is also responsible for babysitter a spoiled, selfish brat because he is a servant to Duke Fabre’s manor. He accepts Luke just the way he is. Guy Cecil is a true friend to Luke because of the memories they had together. Guy Cecil has a gynophobia: a fear of women. He is afraid of physical contact with women due to when his sister died right in front of him when he was a child. In time, Guy starting to overcome his fear. Guy’s sister was killed by Duke Fabre’s Kimlasca soldiers and Guy wanted revenge against Duke for killing his family despite that he’s still a servant. I feel very bad for Guy. Jade Curtiss is sarcastic good guy that everyone knows. They really mean was the he’s a jerk , but everyone got used to him. That’s why Jade is my favorite character of this game.


Vandesdelca Musto Fende or Van Grants: Commander of the Oracle Knights, Luke’s mentor and Tear’s older brother. He plans to destroy Auldrant along with its inhabitants and create a replica of the planet

Six God Generals of the Oracle Knights:

Largo the Black Lion: Natalia’s biological father and a massive man with incredible strength who wears heavy armor and wields a scythe

Dist the Reaper: Jade’s childhood friend and an effeminate fon-tech expert

Sync the Tempest: a fast-footed martial artist who wears a distinctive mask to cover his face so that people will not recognize him as a replica of Ion.

Arietta the Wild: an orphaned little girl who was adopted by a family of ligers

Legretta the Quick: Tear’s mentor and a sharpshooter who wields two small handguns.

Asch the Bloody: the original Luke Fon Fabre who was born in Baticul

Grand Maestro Mohs: the Grand Maestro of the Order of Lorelei

Gelda Nebilim: an Locrian Colonel of the Oracle Knights

Dist the Reaper is my favorite antagonist because he throws a little tantrum when people call him Dist the Reaper instead of Dist the Rose. He makes me laugh every time. Sync is a heartless jerk when he insult Ion’s death and he doesn’t care about himself. He said that he was born a piece of meat. The reason is that he hates the score because he was cast aside to a pointless existence for being unable to replace Ion and aid in the continued fulfillment the Score. He’s the antagonist that I hated the most because I find it very pitiful that no one cares about themselves. Van wants to destroy the world Auldrant and create a replica of the planet.


Tales of the Abyss also has an anime series with 26 episode based on the game. The anime series was produced by Bandai Visual, Namco and Sunrise Animation Studious. All the episode were directed by Kenji Kodama and written by Akemi Omode. The voice acting is in Japanese with English subtitles.


All I want to say is that I love this game. I love the storyline, the music and battle system. I learned that humans make mistakes in the past but we can change and become better people. Everyone is different but if we can’t accept people for who they are then we will never have a future. We can’t keep living in the past. This game gave me a little life lesson. I’ve beaten this game two times and still want to beat it again but on the Nintendo 3DS version. I’ve beaten Professor Nebilim on Very Hard and it took me six minutes to beat her in order to unlock the power of the catalyst weapons. This is a gaming video of me doing a gameplay of Tales of the Abyss on the PlayStation 2. I just going around having fun fighting monster in a bonus dungeon Abyss Replica Facility. It was my 3rd walk-through of playing Tales of the Abyss. I’ve maxed out every character to level 200. My best party members of this game are Luke Fon Fabre: swordsman, Guy Cecil: second swordsman, Jade Curtis: a spell caster and Tear Grants: a spell caster and healer. This is my second favorite Tales game of all time. #Anime #TalesGame #TalesSeries #RolePlayingVideoGame #VideoGame #TalesOfTheAbyss #Playstation2 #Nintendo3DS