Tales of Vesperia is a Japanese role-playing video game that was developed by Namco Tales Studio and published by Namco Bandai Games. This game is for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. It was released for the Xbox 360 since 2008 in North America and it was released on the PlayStation 3 since 2009 in Japan. This is the tenth Tales game of the Tales series. This game takes place in a fantasy world called Terca Lumireis, where an energy source called blastia that are powered using  a mystical substances known as “aer”. They were used for all things, including creating protective barriers around cities and towns. Yuri Lowell is the main protagonist of Tales of Vesperia. He was a former Imperial soldier who later forms a guild called Brave Vesperia with Estelle, Karol, Raven and Judith. Brave Vesperia travels around the world to stop anyone who has an evil plan of abusing the blastia resources.


Tales of Vesperia

It is a role-playing video game that takes place in a fantasy world that features three-dimensional environments and characters. The environments in this game are split into two types. On the world map, the characters can navigate reduced-scale environments. There’s a compass, mini map that displays cities, towns, dungeons, named locations and enemy icons. When you touch an enemy, it will trigger a battle. The party can interact with non-player characters. Throughout the game, there’s an item called the Sorcerer’s Ring and it’s given to the party. The character can shoots a bolt of energy. The Sorcerer’s Ring can activate switches, move objects and stun enemies from a distance. You can save the game by going to a save point in dungeons, cities and towns. You can purchase items, weapons, equipment, and accessories in shops by using Gald. You can synthesis items, weapons, equipment, accessories, material and etc. While playing through the game, you can trigger character conversation called Skits. Skits are fully voiced with character portraits and the conversation can go from serious to funny.


Characters have a lot of different stats and gauges: their health (HP), their Technical Points (TP), and Learning Points (LP) for learning skills. Characters can level up by getting experience points (EXP) after battle. Experience points, Grade and Gald can be earned through battles. You can recover TP and get items dropped from enemies after battle. You can cook after battle or out of battle. You can find food ingredients in battle as an item dropped and ingredients in the towns shop. Cooking can recover the characters HP and TP and enhance their stats temporary. The recipes can be learned from a character called “The Wonder Chef”.



This game has a action-oriented Linear Motion Battle System. This game features a four-player multiplayer option: up to four players can play the Xbox 360 with wired and wireless controllers. There’s no online multiplayer but players can use Xbox Live to post their records of damage chain, and hit combos on the online leaderboard.

Enemies are encountered in different environments. There’s reaction of how you approach and attacked enemies. When the enemies’ stunned or caught off guard, the party will gain an advantage in battle. If the enemies caught you off guard from behind, you get a surprise encounter with random party members. If you touch an enemies with enemies around at the same time, you’ll encounter monsters in a larger group. Battle skills and character performance can be affected by elemental attributes for both characters and enemies. Status ailments can be affected to enemies and party members. They are physical ailments and magical ailments, which have a lot of negative effects: For an example, physical effects can be effects if the character is poisoned. Magical ailment can be effect if a character turn against their allies or recover a knocked out party member. Items can be used to restore HP, TP, and remove status ailments in battle. Characters can learn new skills after battles, and earn titles.

You can perform a lot of actions: walking, running around, freely running, jumping, guarding, pausing and attack. Characters can launch various attacks, from a normal strikes to strikes that can interrupt enemy attacks. The player character’s attacks can be chained together to create more combo attacks. Strikes can activate a Fatal Strike which can kill enemies easily and cause heavy damage to bosses. If you landed a successful Fatal Strike, you’ll get bonuses after battle. You can fill the Over Limit meter by attack enemies and taunting them. Once the Over Limit meter is full, the character can perform attacks and cast Artes without casting time during the Over Limit’s duration. Secret Mission can be triggered by performing unspecified actions. Completing Secret Missions grants a bonus to the battle grade or acquire an item and you’ll get an achievement for completing a secret mission. All characters can use Artes, physical and magical abilities which can range from standard attacks to healing magic. Characters can learn Artes by leveling up. Artes can be both be directed and have a general area of effect. Four Artes can be only be assigned to each character. Some Artes can be used to heal and cure characters outside battles. Mystic Artes has a powerful cinematic attacks.

Tales of Vesperia weapon skills

Skills can be assigned by the number of skill points to each character. There are four types of skills: Attack, Guard, Move, and Support. You can learn skills by equipping weapons and armor. To learn skills, you have to fill the LP meter (Learning Points) by battling.


HP: Hit Points

TP: Technical Points

Physical Attack: deals how much damage you cause to enemies with physical attack

Physical Defense: deal less damage you take from enemies

Magic Attack: deals how much damage you cause to enemies with magic elements

Magic Defense: deal less damage from magic

Agility: how quickly a character runs around the battlefield

Luck: land a critical hit more easier on enemies and for an enemy to drop an item


Brave Vesperia

Yuri Lowell: main protagonist of the game who used to be with the Imperial Knights but quit only three months of service due to his comtempt for the Empire’s treatment of its lower citizens

Repede: Yuri’s loyal partner

Estellise Sidos Heurassein: a princess and candidate to the imperial throne

Karol Capel: former member of the Hunting Blades and leader of his own guild Brave Vesperia

Rita Mordio: infamous blastia researcher with a poor social disposition and she hates everything that are non scientific

Raven: a laid-back shady member of the group but he’s a veteran of the Great War

Judith: a mysterious Kritya that posses the expert knowledge of blastia and she’s known as the dragon rider that destroys blastia due to their dangers

Flynn Scifo: Yuri’s childhood best friend and captain of the Imperial Knight, he’s a playable character on the PlayStation 3 version but not the Xbox 360 version

Patty Fleur: a young pirate girl who travels the world to search for romance and the legendary treasure of the notorious pirate Aifread. She’s a playable character on the PlayStation 3 version.

Yuri is my favorite character of this game due to his vigilante attitude but he still remains mature. He still teases some of his friends like Karol by say “Prepare to die eggbear!” He’s a big brother figure to everyone and the 2nd oldest party at 21 years old. The coolest thing about Yuri was that he refuse to obey the laws and it matters into his own hands as a hero. He was wanted by the Imperial Knights but he doesn’t really care. Yuri and Estelle are like brother and sister when they travel together. Raven makes me laugh when he gets hit by Rita when he say something nonsense. I guess Rita doesn’t like everything that are nonscientific.


Duke Pantarei: the main antagonist of Tales of Vesperia. He is a mysterious war hero who once fought for humanity’s survival alongside the ancient king of the Entelexeia

Zagi: a crazy assassin who holds a huge grudge on Yuri who mistaken him as Flynn at first

Alexei Dinoia: Commandant of the Imperial Knights but his desire is to control of the Imperial throne and world domination

Schwann Oltorain: Raven’s alter ego as the captain of the Imperial Knights

Barbos: Leader of the Blood Alliance, one of the Five Master Guilds

Ragou: corrupted magistrate who rules over Capua Nor with an iron fist

Cumore: a sadistic captain of the Imperial Knights

Clint: leader of the Hunting Blades

Tison: member of the Hunting Blades

Nan: member of the Hunting Blades

Yeager: leader of the Leviathan’s Claw guild

Gauche and Droite: adopted daughters of Yeager but not blood-sisters

Khroma: Alexei’s informed confidant

My favorite villains in this game are Duke, Zagi, and Alexi. Duke has his own reasons to save the world from the Adephagos even it means taking human’s life including himself. He intends to convert it into energy to power up the weapon Tarqaron to destroy the Adephagos. Zagi is a crazy villain that wants to kill Yuri for no reason. He always came out of nowhere and attack the party member. Alexei doesn’t care about everything but himself. He wants to rule the world but he became the greatest fool for bring back the Adephagos. Alexei, what in the world were you thinking?

I love this game and it’s my third favorite Tales game. I like the storyline, characters, music, and battle system. When I was playing this game with the Fell Arm weapons on my second play through, I enjoyed destroying monsters and getting more stronger. I enjoyed using Yuri a lot in battle because of his strength and speed. My best party members are Yuri, Raven, Rita and Estelle. This is a gaming video of me doing a gameplay of Tales of Vesperia on the Xbox 360. This was my second play through of Tales of Vesperia. I’m just fighting random monster and just show a little gameplay. There’s also another video of Tales of Vesperia skits. I’m just choosing random skits. I was trying not to laugh while listening to funny conversation. #VideoGame #RolePlayingVideoGame #Playstation3 #Xbox360 #TalesofVesperia #TalesSeries