Tales of Xillia 2

Tales of Xillia 2 is a Japanese role-playing video game for the PlayStation 3. It was developed by Bandai Namco Studios and published by Bandai Nanco Games. It was released since 2014. It is the fourteenth Tales games of the Tales series. This game takes in a fantasy world called Elympios, another parallel world which is now remains in harmony with Rieze Maxia. Due to the two world’s differences in culture and terms of opinion, they also remain in opposition. Elympios is a highly technological world where the residents live in prosperity with the miracle of spyrix. It causes nature and spirits to die. The people of Elympios fears the people of Rieze Maxia by calling them “monsters” due to their ability of using Spirit Artes, which are very rare in Elympios. A large amount of mana explodes due to the destruction of the schism: a barrier that separates the two linked worlds Rieze Maxia and Elympios. Rieze Maxia is home to mother nature and Elympios is home to spyrix. The explosion causes all the Lilium Orbs to be overload with mana and they stop working after the schism was dispelled. The orbs were working again using elemental energy through a mana-absorbing spyrix, but differently. These orbs are called Allium Orbs. The game takes place after the game Tales of Xillia and follows the silent main protagonist Ludger Will Kresnik. The Kresnik family has the ability to infiltrate and destroy parallel dimensions with the power of the chromatus. Since the spirit of the void Origin was unable to support the abundance of souls, the Spirius Corporation hires Ludger to destroy the dimensions to keep the world in balance. The Spirius Corporation is a huge corporation which develops technology for field imaginable from weapons to manufacturing.


tales of xillia 2

This game has the same feature just like Tales of Xillia but some features are different. This game has two major areas: the field and the battle screen. The field map has a realistic 3D environment where the player character can interact with non playable characters. On the field map, character interactions between the party can also be viewed in the form of a sketch story. Sketch stories are referred to as skits with animated portraits and voice acting. In skits, you’ll have to choose answer of what Ludger will say. When you approach and touch an enemies, you’re engage in a battle. You can explore places and look for treasure and looting materials. You can shop for items, weapons, armor, accessories, and food. At the shops, you can make custom items, foods, weapons, headgear, equipment, accessories and extractors. You can do a lot of side quests and do jobs defeating monsters, and elite monsters to help you earn more gald to pay off your debt. As you progress through the game with the silent main protagonist Ludger, you have to choose what answer he’ll say to everyone but it will affect how the story goes. It will also increase the affinity of Ludger’s friends. There’s also a mini game side quest where you have to find hundred cats from different locations for the cat lady. You can use the Kitty Dispatch and have Rollo to obtain items. You can do character episodes which focuses the story of playable character from Tales of Xillia. If you’re in a town, you can change party members. If you leave town, you can only have four party members. You have to be ready to set your best party before you leave town. You earn titles for doing various things in the game and there are three categories: system titles, battle titles and battle challenge titles. Titles you have earned will be marked with a check mark and for each title you gain, you earn grade. You use Grade to buy extra bonuses in a New Game +.

Tales of Xillia 2 skit


Tales of Xillia 2 battle

This game has a Cross Double-Raid Linear Motion Battle System. This game battle system has new feature called “Weapon Shift”. In Weapon Shift, Ludger can shift between three weapons: dual blades, a sledgehammer, and dual guns. Ludger can transform using his chromatus and he fights with a spear. This game uses the Dual Raid Linear Motion Battle System. Only four characters from the party can be chosen to battle. Characters are controlled by artificial intelligence. When a party member’s health falls to zero, the party member will faint but can be revived with items, by a healer, or resting at an inn on the field map. After you defeated all the enemies, you’ll get experience points, elemental ores, gald and dropped items. If four party members are defeated in battle, gave over. Players can move, dash, attack, defend and use artes. Using artes can consume Technical Points (TP). Dashing, standard attacks, and artes usage are also be limited by the “Assault Counter” (AC). It has a new feature where party members can link to each other to perform unified attack and it’s called “Linked Artes”. When linked to your partner, the supporting partner provides unique abilities to the character, and help increasing the Linked Artes Gauge. Once your Linked Artes Gauge is full, the character can enter Over Limit which gives them unlimited AC, no staggering and allows them to use linked artes in succession. You can also use Mystic Artes and Linked Mystic Artes.


This game features a new growth system called Allium Orbs. The Allium has six elements: Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Light and Dark. The Allium Orb can be used to learn new artes and skills from elemental ore you get on the field and in battle to certain elements using the extractor but you must equip them. When you equip an extractor, you need to go to battles and harvest points. If you reached a certain amount, you’ll learn a new skill, artes, and upgrade an arte. You can increase your SP by defeating a certain amount of monsters.

When you re-learned an arte, you will upgrade its capabilities:

  • Power Up

  • Critical Hit Rate Up

  • Stun Rate Up

  • Linked Arte Damage Up

  • Stagger Time Up

  • Over Limit Gauge Fill Rate Up

  • TP Consumption

  • Guard Break Capability Up

  • Chance to not Consume AC

  • Iron Stance Break Capability Up

  • Magical Ailment Frequency Up

  • Power Combo Time Up


  • HP: Hit Points

  • TP: Technical Points

  • AC: Assault Counter

  • Physical Attack: how much damage you cause to enemies with physical attacks

  • Physical Defense: deal less damage you take from enemies

  • Magic Attack: how much damage you cause to enemies with elemental attacks

  • Magic Defense: deal less damage from elemental attacks

  • Strength: increase the chances of breaking an enemy’s guard

  • Vitality: reduce the chances of your guard breaking

  • Intelligence: increases the chances of inflicting status ailments on foes by hitting them with elemental attacks

  • Psyche: reduce the chances of being inflicted with ailment

  • Agility: affects movement speed

  • Dexterity: affects your odds of landing Critical Hits when attacking, and of stunning foes with attacks.



Ludger Will Kresnik: the silent main protagonist of the game. He’s a twenty year old-young man who lives with his older half-brother Julius Will Kresnik and his pet cat Rollo. He has a special ability inherited in the Kresnik called chromatus. He works for the Spirius Corporation.

Elle Mel Marta: an eight year old girl from the alternate dimension. She’s Ludger’s daughter from the future

Julius Will Kresnik: Ludger’s older half-brother who protects him from Bisley Bakur

Jude Mathis: a spyrite researcher in Elympios and a martial artist

Milla Maxwell: the Lord of Spirits who has summon spirits: Efreet (Spirit of Fire), Undine (Spirit of Water), Sylph (Spirit of Wind) and Gnome (Spirit of Earth)

Fractured Milla: Milla from the fractured dimension with a stubborn, haughty personality and she acts childish at her age

Alvin (Alfred Vint Svent): a mercenary, a former spy for Exodus and the heir of the Svent family. He’s no longer untrustworthy and he’s hoping to form a better relationship with other

Elize Lutus: an orphaned young girl whose parents were killed for harboring Jiao. She attends to a school in Sharilton.

Teepo: a talking doll that’s a Booster that gives her magical abilities and the personification of Elize’s inner thoughts

Rowen J  Illbert: the prime minister of Rieze Maxia and a right-hand man of King Gaius

Leia Rolando: Jude’s childhood friend and a reporter for a minor newspaper company

Gaius: the first King of Rieze Maxia and he’s a passionate king that protects the weak

Muzet: a Great Spirit and Milla’s older sister. She has the power to slice through dimensions.

Ludger is the silent main character of this game and he’s my favorite character. He has to make tough choices for his friends and others. Ludger and Jude are bosom buddies because they talk about hopes and dreams. They’re the main character clan. The funny thing about Ludger is that he’s a ladies man just like Jude. Ludger and Milla are best friends because they talk about deep personal issues. Ludger is Alvin’s accomplice because they talk about manly things and chicks. Ludger is Elize’s soulmate because they talk about homework and ice cream. Ludger is Rowen’s comrade because they talk about the good old days a lot. Ludger and Leia are BFFs because they talk all the time. Ludger and Gaius are partners in crime because they talk about sake and conquests. Ludger is Muzet biggest fan because they talk about politics and fashion. Because of that, everyone loves Ludger. It’s really nice to have two main antagonists Gaius and Muzet as permanent party members in this game. Gaius makes me laugh when he and Rowen do not get along that they wanted to fight each other. Rowen is the Prime Minister of Rieze Maxia and a right hand man to King Gaius. I’m happy to have the King of Rieze Maxia on the team along with Muzet. My favorite skit of the game is Muzet and Rideaux when Muzet told Jude, Gaius and also Ludger that she killed a lot of people for the sake of justifying her existence. All she wanted was an escape of the insecurities of her own loneliness. Ludger doesn’t believe that because the only Muzet he knows is the one he’s talking to now. Jude believes that. She appreciates Ludger’s kindness and thanks him. Gaius said that we cannot change the past but there’s no need to let our past dictate our future. To fully overcome your past, you must accept the spirit you’ve become. She’ll do that because she’s no longer alone anymore. It’s a very powerful skit that I will never forget. She really touch my heart from Tales of Xillia when she shed a tear. I needed someone to guide me too. I lost sight of who I was once but I’m not going to let that happen again. I’ve been through too much to turn back now and I must keep going. I’m glad that there’s a game that has the similar problems I had in life. Muzet is my favorite character of this game because she makes me laugh too hard because of her inner thoughts. For example, she said something in her mind about Gaius’s long eyelashes that they’re like the eyelashes of a horse. I was laughing and Ludger was snickering at Gaius. Gaius was like “Hm”? wondering what’s so funny? Then her mind said something other than eyelashes that you’re not supposed to mention their nose hair. I was dying laughing every time I listen to Muzet’s inner thoughts. Ludger was trying very hard not to laugh but he was snickering. I can tell in his mind saying “Don’t laugh, don’t laugh, don’t laugh”! Muzet has the funniest chapters that made me laugh while every character’s chapters are too serious. Ludger always say something nice to Muzet every time he speaks to her. He accepts Muzet that way she is even though he didn’t know the crazy, violent, psychopath side of Muzet a year ago. All he know is the childlike attention/affection desperate Muzet. Because of that, Ludger has developed a crush on Muzet. The closest friendship of Ludger and Muzet is cool and awkward due to the whole “he has a crush on her” thing. Despite that Ludger doesn’t produce mana because he is an Elympion, Muzet still likes him. She teases him a lot because she really likes him. After battle, she slowly approach to Ludger, tapped him on the shoulder and put her finger on his lips saying “Well done there… Got you hahaha”. “You’re so wonderful and you’re so cute and innocent”. “Ohh Ludger, Oops, now I feel guilty”. “Hey Ludger, I’m sorry for teasing you so much”. Ludger got himself a spirit girlfriend named Muzet. LUDGER + MUZET= <3  HUMAN AND SPIRIT PHANTASIA

tales_of_xillia_2 dual mystic artes


Bisley Bakur: Ludger’s father, CEO and President of the Spirius Corporation

Chronos: the Spirit of Spacetime

Victor: Ludger from the fractured dimension in 8 years and Elle’s father.

Exodus: the terrorist group of Elympios who tried to ruin the peace treaty between Rieze Maxia

The Chimeriad: Gaius’s bodyguards

Wingel: the leader of a tribe that opposed Gaius’ plan on unifying Auj Oule. He consider Gaius as his rival

Agria: the Shadowless of the Chimeriad and scion of the Travis family. She was a Rashugal noble originally named Nadia Travis until she was stripped off her nobility by her stepmother

Jiao: a wanted criminal who was sheltered by Elize’s parents

Presea: a trained spy for Auj Oule and she falls in love with Alvin while being undercover

Rideaux: a doctor from Spirius Corporation who saved Ludger and Elle’s life and put Ludger in a huge debt of 20,000,000 gald

Ivar: Milla’s handmaid who has an intense rivalry with Jude

My favorite antagonist in this game is Victor. He’s a cold-hearted and cruel man but he’s very protective to his daughter. He killed his friends when they tried to take his daughter away from him. The only thing he cares about is his daughter. He wanted to kill Ludger in order to take his place in the prime dimension and be together with his daughter Elle. The coolest scene I’ve seen was Ludger vs Victor in a Devil May Cry fight. The battle was even when they use their twin blades and guns to attack each other. Ludger had no choice but to kill Victor and he became a divergence catalyst. I feel really bad to see Elle cry when she lost her dear father. One day, I want to cosplay as Victor Kresnik.

I really like this game just Tales of Xillia because of the characters, storyline, music, and battle system. This game makes me sad a little to see what everyone has been through. They’re all done too much to go back but they all want to keep fighting for what’s right. They all made mistakes in the past but they keep going forward. This game taught me that friends are very important and that you have to protect the ones you truly cared. You have to give it your all into what you believe in and never turn your back on your friends. Ludger, Julius, Elle, Jude, Milla, Alvin, Elize, Rowen, Leia, Gaius, and Muzet, thank you for teaching me that. Here’s a gaming video of me doing a gameplay of Tales of Xillia 2 on the PlayStation 3. I’ve maxed out every characters to level 200 and Ludger maxed out affinity with Jude, Alvin, Rowen, Gauis, Milla, Elize, Leia, and Muzet. Everyone has the Devil’s Arms weapons where it increases their physical attack and artes attack from defeating enemies but it has a huge drawback that it will increase damage taken in battle. For Jude, Milla, Alvin, Elize, Rowen, Leia, Gaius and Muzet, I equipped them with special weapons. Ludger has the Alliance Arm weapons that are maxed up to 9,999. The Alliance Arms gets stronger by doing linked artes with party members. I don’t use the chromatus transformation because I rather fight at a normal form. My best party members in this game are Ludger, Muzet, Rowen, and Elize. I enjoyed having Muzet as a permanent party member on the team. She’s very useful in battle to be linked with because of her Support Warp. She support warps Ludger in front of enemies and defeated them but if things get tough, she warps him away from the enemies. Ludger and Muzet makes a awesome team when they linked together. I’m going to switch party members when I enter to a town to show different characters in battle. Here’s three gaming videos of Tales of Xillia 2 skits: main skits, character skits, and etc skits. I was trying not laugh from listening to the funny skits. #Playstation3 #RolePlayingVideoGame #TalesofXillia2 #TalesSeries #VideoGame