Tales of Xillia is an Japanese role-playing video game that was developed by Namco Tales Studio and published by Namco Bandai Games. This game is for PlayStation 3. It was released in Japan since 2011 and it was released in the USA since 2013. This game takes place in a fantasy world called Rieze Maxia where humans and spirits live together as a happy family. There are two different countries in Rieze Maxia: Auj Oule and Rashugal. Rieza Maxia is a place where humans and spirits coexist. Humans give mana to spirits and spirits use their artes to help humans. There’s another parallel world called Elympios which is home to spyrix technology and it kills spirits. Because of that, nature in Elympios began to wither away. There’s a barrier called the schism which separates the two linked worlds. Rieze Maxia: home to Mother Nature and Elympios: home to Spyrix Technology. In the beginning of the game, you can choose either Jude Mathis or Milla Maxwell as a main character and play through their stories.



This has two major areas: the field and the battle screen. The field map has a realistic 3D environment where the player character can interact with non playable characters. On the field map, character interactions between the party can also be viewed in the form of a sketch story. Sketch stories are referred to as skits with animated portraits and voice acting. When you approach and touch an enemies, you’re engage in a battle. You can explore places and look for treasure and looting materials. You can shop for items, weapons, armor, accessories, and food. You can increase the shops level by giving them certain materials to level up quickly. The shop level is from level 1 to 100. The more you level up the shop level, the better items, weapons, armor, accessories and foods you get. You can do a lot of side quests.




This game uses the Dual Raid Linear Motion Battle System. Only four characters from the party can be chosen to battle. Characters are controlled by artificial intelligence. When a party member’s health falls to zero, the party member will faint but can be revived with items, by a healer, or resting at an inn on the field map. After you defeated all the enemies, you’ll get experience points, gald and dropped items. If four party members are defeated in battle, gave over. Players can move, dash, attack, defend and use artes. Using artes can consume Technical Points (TP). Dashing, standard attacks, and artes usage are also be limited by the “Assault Counter” (AC). It has a new feature where party members can link to each other to perform unified attack and it’s called “Linked Artes”. When linked to your partner, the supporting partner provides unique abilities to the character, and help increasing the Linked Artes Gauge. Once your Linked Artes Gauge is full, the character can enter Over Limit which gives them unlimited AC, no staggering and allows them to use linked artes in succession. My best party team in this game are Jude: melee fighter and healer, Milla: swordsman and spell caster, Rowen: spell caster and Elize: spell caster and a healer. The artes will get better and stronger from arte usage.: critical rate, arte power, link gain rate, TP consumption, and chances on not consuming an AC.


There’s a character growth system in this game called the Lilium Orb. Lilium Orbs are mysterious but common artifacts that people can equip to protect themselves. They give people the capacity to battle monsters, allowing them to flourish in a dangerous world. Lilium Orbs also give the ability to link to their users, allowing two people to grow stronger by working together as a unit. Character’s skills and attributes can be developed and they are placed in a hexagonal web. When the characters level up, they’ll get GP Skill to increase their attributes and learn new skills. Each orb has a new skill and attribute upgrades. It has a similar growth system just like Final Fantasy X.


HP: Hit Points

TP: Technical Points

AC: Assault Counter

Physical Attack: how much damage you cause to enemies with physical attacks

Physical Defense: deal less damage you take from enemies

Magic Attack: how much damage you cause to enemies with elemental attacks

Magic Defense: deal less damage from elemental attacks

Strength: increase the chances of breaking an enemy’s guard

Vitality: reduce the chances of enemies guard breaking you

Intelligence: increases the chances of inflicting status ailments on foes by hitting them with elemental attacks

Psyche: reduce the chances of being inflicted with ailment

Agility: affects movement speed

Dexterity: affects your odds of landing Critical Hits when attacking, and of stunning foes with attacks



Jude Mathis: the main protagonist who is a medical student and a martial artist

Milla Maxwell: the female main protagonist who is the Lord of Spirits who has summon spirits: Efreet (Spirit of Fire), Undine (Spirit of Water), Sylph (Spirit of Wind) and Gnome (Spirit of Earth)

Alvin (Alfred Vint Svent): a mercenary, a spy for Exodus and the heir of the Svent family

Elize Lutus: an orphaned young girl whose parents were killed for harboring Jiao

Teepo: a talking doll that’s a Booster that gives her magical abilities and the personification of Elize’s inner thoughts

Rowen J. Illbert: a legendary tactician for the Rashugal military and a butler to the Sharil family

Leia Rolando: Jude’s childhood best friend and a nurse that works for the Mathis family

Jude is my favorite Tales character because of his ability to fight without a sword. Who needs weapons when you can use your own physical strength as a weapon. He’s the youngest Tales main protagonist at the age of 15. Rowen is the oldest party member at the age of 62. He made me laugh along with Alvin having interesting conversations with Jude. He also an excellent spell caster of the game. Elize is the youngest healer of the game at the age of 12 years old. Teepo is a funny talking stuffed animal that makes me laugh. I did learned something from Alvin when he said something about gambling. “If you’re just goofing around, don’t gamble. If you want to gamble, don’t goof around.” Only gamble when you’re willing to stake everything. Alvin seems like a cool party member type but I didn’t like when he becomes a liar and a traitor for not telling everyone the truth. I didn’t like Alvin for what he done but he still makes me laugh from all the funny skits. Alvin, why did you have to be a liar and a traitor to the group?


Gaius: the main antagonist of the game and King of Auj Oule, one of the two countries in Rieze Maxia

Muzet: the second main antagonist and a great spirit that is Milla’s older sister

The Chimeriad: Wings, Horns, Stinger, and Fangs

Wingel: the leader of the Chimeriad who speaks Long Dau when he transforms. Long Dau: a language of the clan that used to rule Auj Oule. He’s the leader of a tribe that opposed Gaius’ plan on unifying Auj Oule.

Agria: the Shadowless of the Chimeriad and scion of the Travis family. She was a Rashugal noble originally named Nadia Travis until she was stripped off her nobility by her stepmother.

Jiao: a wanted criminal who was sheltered by Elize’s parents

Presea: a trained spy for Auj Oule and she falls in love with Alvin while being undercover

Nachtigal I. Fenn: cruel, power-hungry king of Rashugal

Gilandor Yul Svent: leader of Exodus and Alvin’s Uncle

Ivar: Milla’s handmaid

Exodus: terrorist group of Elympios

Alvin: a traitor party member of Jude’s group

Maxwell: ruler of all elements

Golden Mage Knight: the most powerful boss of the EX Dungeon Magnus Zero

Gauis was my favorite main antagonist of this game because he wanted to fight for what’s right. Muzet turned into a different spirit ever since the death of her sister Milla. She needed someone to guide her and she’s fallen to Gaius’s control. I feel her pain too but that doesn’t mean you have to take your anger out on innocent people. It’s interesting to see two final bosses become a linked tag team. The reason why we had to Gaius and Muzet is because of the two linked worlds: Rieze Maxia and Elympios. Agria was my favorite villain of this game because she remind me of Zagi from Tales of Vesperia. Just another villain with a crazy personality. The saddest thing to Agria was that when she was being saved by Leia from a landslide, she chose death as she let go of Leia’s hand. How could she be very cruel?

This is my fourth favorite Tales game of all time. I love the characters, storyline, the music, battle system and the beautiful nature of the game. I enjoyed playing as Jude Mathis and it was my first time playing a Tales games as a melee fighter as the main character. Jude Mathis is the second main protagonist as a melee fighter after Senel Coolidge from Tales of Legendia. If you don’t have a sword or weapons, why not use your own physical strength called fighting. This game taught me a lesson about to not lose sight of who you are when you lost someone dear to me. Jude show his emo side when Milla died, Alvin went berserk that he took his anger out on Jude and Muzet went crazy when she lost her sister. It made me cry thinking about it. I lost sight of who I was once but I’m not going to let that happened again. My favorite music of this game is The World Sinking into Darkness. https://youtu.be/-VrsE3lGjnk. I always listen to this game every day when I’m depress or feel very negative. This soundtrack makes me think about my life, my choices and the people I’ve loved. It’s a wonderful and heart-wrenching tune. It went from depressing to smooth jazz. It made me love listening to jazz music to put my mind at ease. Thank you Tales of Xillia for teaching me that. This is a gaming of me doing a gameplay of Tales of Xillia on the PlayStation 3. I’m just having fun with the Devil’s Arm weapons fighting monsters. This is another gaming video of random Tales of Xillia skits. #VideoGame #RolePlayingVideoGame #PlayStation3 #TalesGame #TalesofXillia #TalesSeries