Yusuke Urameshi: the main protagonist of the show was killed in a car crash while saving a little child’s life and he became a ghost. Before that happened, Yusuke is a 14-year-old street brawler delinquent that likes to start trouble because he doesn’t care about everyone but himself. He has a childhood friend name Keiko and she cares about him. He hates people’s lectures, the school, the town and everything. He went home to his mother Atsuko because he’s tired of school. Atsuko was too powerless to stop Yusuke as she laying in bed, smoking and watching TV. Yusuke left the house because he has enough of his mother’s lectures of getting a job.


When he left the house, he saw a lot of thugs and his rival Kuwabara. He challenge Yusuke in a fight but he lost to Yusuke. The record was zero wins and hundred fifty-six losses. Yusuke was walking on the sidewalk and he saw a little boy playing soccer on the sidewalk. He told him that it’s dangerous to play soccer. He made some funny faces to make the boy laugh. He told him to leave because it’s not safe to soccer on the sidewalk.

Yusuke making funny faces

The little boy kick the ball on the street and the speeding vehicle was driving fast. Yusuke saves a child’s life as he’s being run over by a car and he was killed. Yusuke became a ghost and he met the grim reaper name Botan. There’s not a place for Yusuke in either Heaven or Hell. Botan wants to see if Yusuke will accept the ordeal that will give his life back. He refuses and he wanted to become a ghost so people can forget him and be happier without him. Botan decided to give him some time to think about accepting an ordeal.


As a ghost, Yusuke fly to his house and he saw a lot of people gather together at his funeral. Keiko was crying that she lost a her childhood friend. Kuwabara was angry and crying at the same time because he wanted to fight Yusuke once more. He has no other people to fight with and he still consider Yusuke as his rival. There were some teachers that speak ill of Yusuke and that angered Takenaka. The absolute nerve of some people…. Never speak ill of the dead!! Takenaka shows sympathy for Yusuke that he should’ve change his ways to become a better person. Atsuko was crying that she lost her only son. The little boy came to the funeral with his mother and pay respects to Yusuke. He thanked him for saving his life. He said that people may be angry at him but he’s a nice person. Yusuke has made his decision to accept his ordeal that could win his life back. Botan takes Yusuke into the Spirit World.

This episode made me cry every time I watched this episode of Yu Yu Hakusho because everyone was crying when they lost someone dear to them. Yusuke risked his life to a child’s life. Good person or a bad person, no human being is perfect no matter who we are. This episode taught me an important life lesson that no ones perfect and we have to live our lives to the fullest. We all made mistakes in the past but we still human beings. We always have a chance to redeem our self and become better human beings. What a very sad episode of Yu Yu Hakusho….. 🙁 If anyone is interested to watched Yu Yu Hakusho, check it out on www.funimation.com #ActionAnime #Anime #AnimeReview #FightingAnime #Funimation #YusukeUrameshi #KuwabaraKazuma #YuYuHakusho #YuYuHakushoEpisodes #SpiritDetectiveSaga


  1. I love this anime. One of the shows from my childhood that actually still airs in TV. Animax Asia airs it time and time again. It’s just that epic.