Genkai has announced that the final test will be a tournament for eight fighters. Someone who is the last man standing wins the final test. They’ll have to fight each other until they’re either dead or incapacitated. Everyone has enter inside a building and they all have to fight each other in the dark but they must use their Spirit Awareness to see. If someone wins has to come back walking alive. Kuwabara tells Yusuke that he has a bad feeling about something that a beast was stalking him but he’s too afraid to attack. Yusuke already knows that Rando’s after Genkai’s technique. Rando was well hidden from the six fighters. Genkai wants everyone to introduced themselves before they start and the fighters are Musashi, Shorin, Kibano, Chinpoh the Wanderer, Kazemaru, Kuroda, Kuwabara and Yusuke. In the Spirit World, Koenma has found out the match ups for the tournament: Shorin vs Chinpoh, Kuwabara vs Musashi, Yusuke vs Kibano and Kazemaru vs Kuroda. The first match start with Kazemaru vs Kuroda the screen shows their battle attribute of Spirit Awareness, Spirit Strength, and Spirit Growth. Genkai lets the fighters use any necessary force to defeat each other and claim victory. Yusuke really wanted to win the tournament. The battle has started but everyone can’t see anything in the dark but Kuwabara can see kinda. Kazemaru has been dodging from Kuroda’s daggers and he defeated him when blasted a Spirit Gun from one hand. Kazamaru has won the battle and advance the next round. Musashi thinks it’s a mass of Spirit Energy and Yusuke thinks it’s the Spirit Gun.

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He went outside when he heard a voice on his head and Kuwabara figuring out where he’s going. It was Botan but she didn’t say Bingo. She said that Kazamaru sends out his Spirit Energy through his palm. He had a decent amount of training but when he’s done, he still has a lot of strength. Yusuke decided to not fight him with energy. Kuwabara has caught up to him and he doesn’t want to chicken out but he found out that he’s talking to a pretty girl. He was getting angry at Yusuke because Keiko’s supposed to be his girlfriend. He introduced him to Botan but she already know who Kuwabara was due to his good actions. He was freaking out that she’s floating in mid-air but Yusuke tells him to calm down. He tells Kuwabara that Botan’s the Grim Reaper and she’s Yusuke’s assistant as Spirit Detective. There’s a demon hiding among the fighters but his job is to find and stop him from getting Genkai’s power. Kuwabara thinks that’s tough but he thinks Yusuke’s not cheating on Keiko with Botan. As a result, he has fallen in love with her as he’s staring at her. He wanted her to be as wife but his speech was interrupted when there’s a cigarette on his shoulder. It was Genkai asking them if they’re happy with disqualification and they went back inside with Botan.

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The second match was Shorin vs Chinpoh but as they’re fighting, Shorin wins the match. He lacks fighting experiences but he has an advantage in two out of three categories. The third was match was Kuwabara vs Musashi. Yusuke tells Kuwabara not to get killed but he has to beat him before he die. He may not be tough as Yusuke but he has a lot of determination. Musashi gives Kuwabara one last chance to walk away because he won’t hesitate to kill him. He ain’t going nowhere because he’s been fighting on the streets of his whole life. Musashi has disappeared and attacks him out of nowhere. He disappears again and he knows about Kuwabara’s Spirit Awareness. He has a power of his own and he can mask his own energy. He’s used to fighting in the dark. He punches Kuwabara out of nowhere. Kuwabara chased him down but he still couldn’t find him. Musashi kicks him and everyone’s hearing Kuwabara groans in pain. Botan tells him to be careful and Yusuke tells him to stop yelling too much because it makes him easy to find. Kuwabara tells them to shut up because he’s trying to concentrate. Musashi can strike him a hundred times and he couldn’t be able to block. Kuwabara may receive punches from him but it’s doesn’t hurt him. Musashi uses his wooden sword that was carved from an ancient time and cleansed in a sacred stream. It’s also a conduit for Spirit Energy and it’s the best weapon to strike down evil. He uses the Shibattou Shining Sword techniques and attacking Kuwabara. When he’s knocked down, there was a broken wood stick from the wooden sword. Musashi thinks that Kuwabara’s Spirit Energy must be really strong. As he’s about to leave, Kuwabara gets back up but he picked a broken stick. Musashi hides in the dark to do a second attack. Kuwabara’s trying to figure out a way to defend himself but when Musashi’s about to attack, the broken stick turned into a sword. Genkai thinks it’s materialization and it’s meaning that the Spirit Energy cycles through the body and it’s very hard to control. When Kuwabara’s life in danger, he used his high Spirit Awareness to manipulate his energy into a solid object into a sword. Kuwabara swing his Spirit Sword at Musashi and defeated him. He was surprised that he discovered his own Spirit Power. He just needed the wooden sword’s focusing power to give him an extra push. The winner of the match is Kuwabara.


The fourth match is Yusuke vs Kibano and Kuwabara doesn’t want Yusuke to lose before they fight. Kibano said may the strongest man wins but Yusuke’s acting too cocky saying that he’ll praying for his mortal soul. Genkai got angry and throw a cigarette at him. If he stands around, she’ll consider it as a forfeit. As the match was about to start, Yusuke can’t see in the dark but Kibano can. Kuwabara tells Yusuke that Kibano’s wearing a mask on his head. It blinds his sensory organs but all the brainpower concentrated on sight, sound and smell was redirected to sensing a person’s spirit. He installed a targeting device to direct his senses to a single point. He believes that Yusuke has a very unusual aura as his body has been through a lot of great danger but it make him easier to find.

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Kibano charges towards him and punches him. He thinks it’s very useful. He kicks him and continues to charge toward him but he missed when Yusuke dodged his punch. He throws a rock at Kibano but he misses and hides in the dark. Yusuke was going to find him in the dark but he found him and he punched him in the face. He threw punches and kicks at Kibano but he was laughing and kicks Yusuke to the wall. He found him by his voice but his hearing won’t be accurate enough to give him a decisive blow. Kuwabara thinks Kibano’s not playing fair as his helmet was protecting his head from all kinds of attacks. Botan believes that an armor should have a weak point and she’s worried that Yusuke will have a tough time finding it. Kibano shows him another technique as he’s increasing his muscles. It’s a basic enhancement technique that he’s pulling in Energy from the matter around him which gives a quick boost of strength. Yusuke still couldn’t find him and Kibano uses his Big Arm Bomber known as the Great Arm Hard Explosive Smash on him. Yusuke was flying away and bouncing on the floor. He was laying on the floor but he tries to get up but he couldn’t get up. How can he fight if he can’t see?

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It’s really cool to see that Kuwabara has high Spirit Awareness that he can sense what’s going on in the dark. He really does believe in the supernatural stuff. I wish I have that kind of power to see in the dark like DareDevil. You may not able to see in the dark but you can smell and hear. The coolest thing about this episode was that Kuwabara using his Spirit Sword for the first time. Now he can fight and use a sword and the same time. Yusuke can still fight and use his Spirit Gun. They may be rivals but they would make a great team. If anyone is interested to watched Yu Yu Hakusho, check it out on #ActionAnime #Anime #AnimeReview #FightingAnime #Funimation #YusukeUrameshi #KuwabaraKazuma #YuYuHakusho #YuYuHakushoEpisodes #SpiritDetectiveSaga