During the fight,Yusuke was getting beaten by Kibano and he was trying to get up. Kibano tells him that if he gives up, he’ll let him live. Koenma doesn’t think Yusuke has a chance to win but he wants him to get up and attack. He finally gets up and wipe the blood from his mouth. He wants Kibano to kill him as he’s showing his reckless arrogance but he lost a lot of energy. Kuwabara didn’t want Yusuke to die but Genkai said something that Kibano’s Awareness is limited by what he expects. For a normal person’s power would’ve gone down from an attack and that’s what Kibano sees. Yusuke’s Spirit Energy has a very unique wavelength. It shows its responds to desperation by getting stronger. He could win the fight if he can see in the dark.

Yu Yu Hakusho episode 11

Yusuke has an idea to get closer to Kibano and he got punched in the face by him but he manage to grab his arm. Kibano was impressed by Yusuke’s plan but he grabs him and use his favorite technique called The Bonzai Missile known as Chopping Throw Whirlwind Attack. Kibano has learned every style in martial arts including grappling.

The Bonzai Missile

Yusuke’s only option was to use the Spirit Gun. Kuwabara wants Yusuke to get up because he’s not gonna to let him run out on him just by losing. When Yusuke’s laying on the floor, Kibano’s feeling guilty that he’s going to kill Yusuke that he consider him as an amateur. He wants him to give up and go back home. He opened his ear plate so he can hear and feel his vocal vibrations but he thinks that surrender has a nice sound. Yusuke gets back up still taking critical damage and he’s going to destroy Kibano’s helmet plus slap him around if he can still move. He may not see in the dark but his mom told him not to make excuses. Kibano’s giving him no more warning. He’s increased his arm muscles and hides in the dark. As Yusuke stands still looking left to right in the dark, Kibano was impressed by him but he wants to put an end to him. Yusuke’s charging the index of his right finger as he’s about to use the Spirit Gun. When Kibano’s about to attack, Yusuke fires the Spirit Gun at his helmet and knocking him on the floor. He didn’t understand what’s going on that he can’t see dark. Yusuke can see him because there’s a cigarette on his black belt. It was Genkai’s cigarette from when she threw it at him at the start of the fight. He saw it the ground and it was still glowing. When Kibano’s showing him as Judo moves, he slipped it under his black belt. Basically, he tricked him and Kibano was defeated. The winner of the match is Yusuke and it was a close call for him.

Yusuke fires a Spirit Gun at Kibano in the dark

Kuwabara was wondering how can be very tricky and asked what was that glowing ball he fired at him. Yusuke tells him that it’s his Spirit Gun and it’s like a big explosion of my Spirit Energy. He’s using a gun and Kuwabara’s using a sword but Kuwabara asked if they’re cheating. Botan doesn’t think it’s cheating because she wants them to think of their weapons as extensions of themselves. The semi-finals of the tournament was about to start and Genkai announced that the first match is Yusuke vs Kazemaru. She already dislike Yusuke because she couldn’t give him time to catch his breath. They’re not going to fight in the dark because they’ll be fighting outside. Genkai tells everyone to follow her. Yusuke has to fight Kazemaru who can shoot a giant energy blast out his whole palm. He can’t use the Spirit Gun because he can only use it once a day. Botan tells him that one of fighters can be Rando in disguise. He’s looking at either Shorin or Kazemaru. Everyone has arrived at their new battleground and it’s the site of an ancient battle where thousands of soldiers attacked their own men. There was a lot of restless souls on the field. Kuwabara was freaking out that he doesn’t want to see it and he wants to go home. Genkai said that Spirit Energy begins to overtake the body on the hillside. It’s the best place on Earth to use Spirit Power and best place to fight. Kazemaru was feeling stronger as the their energy was circulating through him. Yusuke can feel some of his power coming back but it’s not enough to use the Spirit Gun. He can see Kazemaru’s power and he wishes that he’s not a demon. The fight was about to begin. Kazemaru thinks it’s a shame for Yusuke that’s he’s fighting two battles in a row completely mismatched. Kibano would’ve defeated him if not for his trick. Kazemaru has his own advantage. If Yusuke loses the battle, Koenma will get reamed for making him Spirit Detective.


Yusuke vs Kazemaru

As the fight started, he was getting beaten by Kazemaru as he’s laying out punches at him. He used his quickness and kicks him in the face. Kazemaru was surprised to see someone using the Spirit firing technique but it’s nothing compared to his. He was charging towards Yusuke and he continues punching him in the face multiple times that Yusuke can’t even fight back. He delivers a punch to him and knocked him down. As Yusuke gets up, Kazemaru charges toward to punch him again but he misses as he dodged him. Yusuke tried to punch him but he misses and did a backflip. He actually sliced his cheek with his fist. Kazemaru decided to fight long distance by using his Spirit Shuriken.



Yu Yu Hakusho episode 11

Spirit Shuriken

As he throws his shuriken, Yusuke dodged them very easily but the shuriken still coming after him. He dodged them as he found out they’re boomerang knives. They lock on a person’s Spirit Energy. They will stay on the air for until they hit their target. Yusuke was getting hurt by the shuriken and he was trying to think of something. He finds a tree and waits for the shuriken to come after him but when he dodges them, they landed on a tree and they exploded. Kazemaru tells him that the gunpowder was stored in the tip of every shuriken so they blow up on impact. Even if Yusuke dodges them, he can’t avoid the explosion. Yusuke doesn’t want to lose the fight but he wants to make the explosion worth something. He’s running towards Kuwabara and he’s freaking out. He wants him to win the tournament. Kuwabara doesn’t understand what he meant but Genkai knows why. She said that he knows he can’t escape but he decided to kill two birds with one single bomb. As he’s charging towards Kazemaru, he thinks he’s making an ultimate sacrifice. His plan was to shoot a giant energy blast out his whole palm at him. Yusuke disappeared in front of him and Kazemaru was hit by his own explosive shuriken. He was defeated in battle. Kuwabara and Botan was about to find Yusuke but he’s hiding in the water. It was quite a clever trick but he wasn’t hiding because he just slipped. He won the match against Kazemaru. Genkai explains that Kazemaru’s power emitted a lot of Spirit Energy that it diverted the knives toward him when Yusuke fell so his victory was a fluke. Anything goes as long as someone can win the fight. The winner of match is Yusuke and he advances to the fight round. Kazemaru was not Rando with leaves one person that is Shorin. The next match of the semi-finals is Kuwabara vs Shorin.

I really applaud Yusuke’s courage to keep fighting. He may receive a crazy amount of beating from his foes but he’s manage to fight as a warrior. He may have limits using the Spirit Gun once a day but he gets stronger when the situation gets dangerous. No matter how dangerous the situation goes if he’s take too much damage or his friends are in danger, he learned to push his body to the limits and always has an idea to defeat his tough enemies. He may use the Spirit Gun as a long-range attacker but he can still to fight as a street fighter. He’s really showing his character as a tough guy because he always fight on the streets just like Kuwabara. Because of that, they make an excellent team to fight together. If anyone is interested to watched Yu Yu Hakusho, check it out on http://www.funimation.com #ActionAnime #Anime #AnimeReview #FightingAnime #Funimation #YusukeUrameshi #KuwabaraKazuma #YuYuHakusho #YuYuHakushoEpisodes #SpiritDetectiveSaga