While Kazemaru still laying on the grass, Genkai has no choice to have Kuwabara and Shorin fight each other around him. Kuwabara thinks he could get an easy win. Shorin was the last person on Botan’s list as a suspect. Koenma tells Yusuke that Rando hunts in stealth but he’s not concerned with fame, or recognition. When he steals the techniques of ninety-nine psychics, no one has seen Rando’s face. Koenma thinks Yusuke should be happy that Rando hasn’t revealed himself.


If Shorin reveals himself as Rando, Kuwabara wouldn’t stand a chance against him. Yusuke wants to get Kuwabara’s attention but he doesn’t want any advice from him. He tells him to pull out of the fight against Shorin because he has a conversation about a demon earlier. Kuwabara doesn’t care who he is because he’s still going to beat him up and then beat Yusuke in the finals. He’s not letting him trying to get out of it by making him scared. Kuwabara’s still fighting Shorin whether he’s Rando or not. As they’re arguing, Botan steps to break it up because they’re not in Junior High but they tell her to shut up. Shorin wants to get started fighting. As the fight started, Kuwabara landed a single punch on Shorin and he can see that Kuwabara will take more strength.

Kuwabara punches Shorin

Kuwabara asked if he’s okay because it was a warm up shot but Shorin tells him to not be concerned by his health. He was charging towards Kuwabara but he misses every strikes and Kuwabara punched his head. He was laughing as he has the advantage in strength. Yusuke asked Botan about the chance of Rando being a total coward. He thinks he’s hiding somewhere but not as a fighter. Shorin decided to show a few of his techniques to Kuwabara. He did a technique called Circles of Inferno. He throws some fireballs at Kuwabara but he dodges them. Kuwabara brings out a broken wooden stick and turned it into a Spirit Sword. He’s ready to play some baseball. Play Ball!!!

Yu Yu Hakusho episode 12

Yu Yu Hakusho Spirit Sword

When Shorin throws another fireball, Kuwabara swings and hits the fireball with his Spirit Sword. The fireball hits Shorin and Yusuke calls it a home run. Kuwabara’s laughing because Shorin’s pitches were dangerous but it’s nothing compared to the old batting cages back home. Yusuke was impressed seeing Kuwabara at a whole new level when he’s using his Spirit Sword. He finally believes that he can beat Shorin if he’s Rando or not. Shorin was impressed when Kuwabara was able to evade his attacks and make it as his own offensive. He’s doing another techniques as he’s chanting. Kuwabara’s getting freaked out by his chanting and he’s going to shut him down. When he approached him, Shorin uses a technique called Reduction and grew into a giant. Kuwabara dodges from Shorin’s stomps and he was wondering how he get so big. He noticed that the grass was taller and he saw a caterpillar. Kuwabara has turned into a tiny person. Shorin has grabbed him with his hand and he tells him not to worry because he’s still a human. He was squeaking the life out of Kuwabara. Yusuke yells at Kuwabara to tell him that he needs to back out of the fight.

Yu Yu Hakusho episode 12

Shorin wants to make use of his power first. He continues to squeaks the life out of Kuwabara and started laughing. He’s very curious about Kuwabara’s strength of bones after they’re shrunk. He rips out his right arm jacket and he’s beginning to break his right arm. Kuwabara wanted Shorin to stop but he refuses. When he breaks his right arm, Kuwabara was screaming in agony and pain. Yusuke, Botan and Genkai was in absolute shock. He’s going to crush Kuwabara’s rib cage just by squeaking with both hands. Yusuke can’t take it anymore and he was going to step in but Genkai wants to call the fight tell Shorin enough is enough. He still continue to squeak Kuwabara and Yusuke’s getting fed up by it. As he’s running towards Shorin, he throws Kuwabara far away. Yusuke and Botan tried to find Kuwabara but they can’t sense him. Shorin was chanting by saying restore and Kuwabara’s back to normal but he took critical damage as his body was broken.

Yu Yu Hakusho episode 12

His body’s all twisted up and his arms are in pieces plus his ribs. Botan doesn’t know if they could be healed. Kuwabara said that he won’t die even if his bones are broken. He tells Yusuke that he still want to him and he’s unconscious. He understands and he put his hand on his face. Yusuke was feeling very angry that he wanted to beat Shorin so bad. The final match of the tournament is Yusuke vs Shorin. Koenma thinks their power are evenly matched and he wants Yusuke to win. Yusuke’s Spirit Energy was recovered on the hill. The enraged Yusuke runs to Shorin and delivers a powerful Spirit Punch on his face saying it’s for Kuwabara. He still got ninety-nine more punches left and it’s for every psychic’s life Shorin stolen.

Yu Yu Hakusho episode 12

Shorin can’t move his knees and Yusuke continues to deliver hard punches to Shorin feeling enraged about what he did to Kuwabara. Shorin learned that Yusuke’s Spirit Power was 155 but it increased to 200. Yusuke wants him to stand up because he’ll feel bad hitting him if he’s glued to the ground. When he’s going after him, Shorin did a technique called Sickle and Tornado. It creates a vacuum around the opponent and causes the air to escape violently from their body through cuts in the skin. Yusuke was hit by the Sickle and Tornado. He gets back up and Shorin uses his technique again. While Yusuke charges through, Genkai thinks he’s a fool but Botan said he’s just mad. He jumps and went through the Sickle and Tornado enduring the pain. He attacks Shorin and slams him on the ground. Yusuke has defeated Shorin and avenged Kuwabara. That’s what happens what you tick off Yusuke. Genkai tells him the fight isn’t over just yet that he thinks he defeated Rando very easily. As the ground was shaken and break up, Rando was revealed his identify as a demon. Yusuke can feel his power and it’s not a good sign. He must defeated Rando at all cost.

I can’t help but laugh think that I’m watch baseball when Kuwabara swings his Spirit World at Shorin’s fireballs. I guess you can call it a home run. This episode has a funny moment and painful moment. When I saw Shorin was squeaking the life out of Kuwabara, I was in shock that I got angry just like Yusuke. As a result, Shorin received a good old-fashioned beat down that he deserves for what he did to Kuwabara. Yusuke really cared about his former rival Kuwabara and he avenged him. When his friends are in the line, his Spirit Power increases. I can relate to how Yusuke feels when his friends get hurt because I would get very enraged if I would him. Here’s the number one rule, never tick off Yusuke Urameshi because he will beat you down. If anyone is interested to watched Yu Yu Hakusho, check it out on http://www.funimation.com #ActionAnime #Anime #AnimeReview #FightingAnime #Funimation #YusukeUrameshi #KuwabaraKazuma #YuYuHakusho #YuYuHakushoEpisodes #SpiritDetectiveSaga