As Yusuke feeling exhausted to fight, Rando was in front of him and it’s giving him the chills. Kuwabara was laying on the grass in critical condition saying that he wanted to fight Yusuke. Genkai thinks he has a one track mind. Rando was thinking what technique he should use on Yusuke as he’s talking. Yusuke tells him to shut up and he delivers punches at Rando but it had no effect on him. He thinks the battle isn’t going to last very long because Yusuke’s punches has no Spirit Power and his Spirit Energy has gone dry. Rando thought of an excellent technique for Yusuke as they are life-force thread: an archaic form of materialized spirit energy that was taken from a very ancient psychic. Yusuke’s all tied up from the threads and he can’t move. Rando wanted to crush him but he rather test out his techniques first. The thread is connected to his own energy and no humans can sever it but Yusuke thinks it;s boring. Rando decided to add more excitement by swings Yusuke around to the ground and through tress. He asked if this is boring him and he’s laughing. Botan couldn’t bear to see Yusuke getting beaten up by Rando and she wants Genkai to stop the match but she refuses. She’s only teach her technique whoever wins the tournament. She consider it wrong to interfere with the selection. She’s getting old and she wants her powers to be carried on even to the wicked. She said that progress is what must prevail It’s a story she cannot change. Rando hangs Yusuke on a tree above a lake.

Yu Yu Hakusho episode 13

He summons some flesh-eating killer fishes around Yusuke. Rando brought them from the depths of Spirit World and they’re called Hate Fish. He has another technique that he’s created a Trainer Demon. He throws it to the lake and froze him so the Hungry Hate Fish can eat the demon. He wants to try a move that he learned and it’s called the Spirit Gun. He fires a powerful Spirit Gun at a tree to test it out. Rando thinks that Yusuke has surrendered to his own fear. He has learned the Spirit Gun technique by watching him uses it once but it’s more deadly. His adaptability and knowledge of the human spirit was impressive. If he learns Genkai’s powers, he’ll cause a lot of chaos. Rando fires another Spirit Gun at a tree and Yusuke falls down to a lake filled with Hate Fish.

Rando's Spirit Gun

As he’s falls into the water surrounded by Hate Fish, he’s given up and he’s going to die by become fish food. He thinks Hate Fish is a stupid name. There was a flash light coming out of Kuwabara’s mouth and it’s his soul. Kuwabara’s soul went to Yusuke and it scared the Hate Fish away. Kuwabara was talking to Yusuke and he thinks he’s a disgrace for giving up that he spent too much trying to defeat such a coward. He wants him to get up and fight Rando but he can’t move out of the threads. Kuwabara thinks it’s a lame excuse and the only reason why Yusuke’s stuck was because he can’t see his own energy. He consider him stupid and he tells him to die with his tail between his legs. If that happened, someone will make Kuwabara the new Spirit Detective because he’s not a coward and he was laughing. Yusuke has finally regain some strength as he break free from the threads. His spirit energy has killed the Hate Fish that it surprised Rando when the lake exploded. He just needed a good insult from Kuwabara. Rando founds out that Kuwabara transferred some of his energy to Yusuke so he’ll have some strength. He still don’t care as he has more time to practice his favorite technique. He wants to kill Yusuke with his own attack on the lake. He fires his Spirit Gun at the lake but Yusuke wasn’t there. He came out of the swamp and he said that the funny thing about swamps is that they’re just always connected to another one. Yusuke fires his Spirit Gun from behind and Rando fires his Spirit Gun back. Yusuke’s Spirit Gun went through Rando’s Spirit Gun and hits him. He was flying to the lake as he was hit by the Spirit Gun.

Yusuke vs Rando Spirit Gun showdown

He uses all of his strength and falls down on the ground believing that he beat Rando. The lake started bubbling that it exploded and Rando was feeling enraged. He didn’t like when he caused him pain. He was beating the bananas out of Yusuke. As Yusuke’s laying on the ground, Rando barely have any energy left to defeat him. Their bodies were weak and their spirits were weak but Rando can still succeed and he’s going to crush Yusuke just like he did to Kuwabara. As he’s chanting a technique called Reduction, he’s still the same but he got very smaller. Genkai said that he’s a slave of his own technique. The reason was because it is physical law that the imbalance of matter created by that technique must be relieved. If there’s no victim, then the user goes boom. Yusuke may be Rando’s victim but his body must know that. If there’s a spoken chant, the victim is affected by hearing it that it enters the brain and reprograms the cells. In other words, the intelligent has to do was cover their ears. Yusuke gets up and wonders why everything’s very quit. He got a swamp algae from his ears and he found it disgusting. Rando knows his stolen techniques but without training, he’ll never know how o use them. Yusuke’s on his feet despite that he doesn’t have the energy to punch small Rando but he can let gravity take over. When Rando was running, Yusuke delivers a super elbow drop on him and defeated him. You can called it a Super Elbow Drop.

Yu Yu Hakusho episode 13

The winner of the Genkai tournament is Yusuke Urameshi and he’s now Genkai’s student. She heals Kuwabara back to his normal strength. Botan’s taking Rando back to the Spirit World but Yusuke wanted to keep him as a pet. Genkai wants Botan to take Kuwabara back to his house as she healed him. Yusuke will be training with Genkai for six months to learn the Spirit Wave technique. He wants his grand prize and that is the first class ticket to Tokyo Dome but she doesn’t allow him to go. The purpose of the tournament was for someone who was chosen to be Genkai’s student. Someone has to take Yusuke’s place at the Tokyo Dome. As a result, he fainted to the ground.

Yu Yu Hakusho episode 13

Everyone has limitation when it comes from fighting and using their powers but they still have some strength left to fight. Yusuke continues to fight despite that his body’s in critical condition. Kuwabara even insults Yusuke to help him regain his strength back and fight Rando. He finally became Genkai student but he has to miss the Tokyo Dome. I feel a little bad for him that he has to train for six months to learn the Spirit Wave technique. If I win something, I’m going out to celebrate my achievement instead of missing it. Congratulations to Yusuke for winning the tournament for having a heart to endure the pain. If anyone is interested to watched Yu Yu Hakusho, check it out on #ActionAnime #Anime #AnimeReview #FightingAnime #Funimation #YusukeUrameshi #KuwabaraKazuma #YuYuHakusho #YuYuHakushoEpisodes #SpiritDetectiveSaga