Botan was taking Yusuke into the Spirit World to meet King Yama. She wants him to be on his best behavior or he’ll be sent into the oblivion. She takes him into Gateway of Decision. Yusuke was think what King Yama looks like. When they got inside someone’s office, Yusuke has met the ruler of the Spirit World: Koenma. Botan wants Yusuke to feel honored meeting Koenma but he started laughing at him. He was making fun of him calling him a toddler and Botan got angry at him. Yusuke thought that King Yama would be scaring. Koenma is King Yama’s son. Koenma may be a baby but he lived longer more than 100 years. Koenma gives Yusuke an ordeal: a golden egg. He has hatch the egg and face what comes out. It’s a Spirit Beast that it feeds off the energy emitted from Yusuke soul. It’s a test of Yusuke’s character to see the things he do and feel. The monster will change depending on Yusuke’s action. If he’s good, the monster will be good and it will guide Yusuke back into his living body. If he’s bad, the monster will be bad and he’ll be gone forever. He accepts the ordeal even though it’s too risky for him.


Yu Yu Hakusho episode 2

Botan reminds Yusuke that his body will be cremated at the funeral. He was tried to hurry as quick as he can but he has no idea how to tell people how to keep his body from burning. She tells him that humans believe in the supernatural when they sleep. Ghosts can talk to humans when they’re sleeping. Yusuke knows the person he can talk to. That person is Keiko. When he inside Keiko’s room where she’s sleeping, she was crying in her sleep thinking about Yusuke. He tells her that he’s coming back to life soon. He wants her to take care of his body when he returns and tell everyone not to cremated his body. Keiko will do that for Yusuke. It was a dream for her.

Next morning, Yusuke wants to find another way to communicate with living people. He has to communicate with living people by take control of someone’s body. He has to know them and they have to be aware of the supernatural. That person is Kuwabara. Kuwabara was freaking out a little because he feels the chill. He can feel the presence of ghosts around him. He believed in the supernatural since kindergarten. He notice that Yusuke’s behind him and called him a puny low-level ghost. Yusuke got mad and tried to punch Kuwabara but he can’t because he’s still a ghost. Yusuke refuse to do take control of Kuwabara’s body but he had no choice to do it anyway. Kuwabara was standing still by Botan. Yusuke has one hour before the effect wears off.


He entered Kuwabara’s body. Kuwabara was acting like Yusuke while Yusuke’s inside him. When he run to Keiko’s house, he wants to talk to Keiko’s parents that he wants to see Keiko and that he’s Yusuke. Keiko’s dad got angry and throw him of the house saying “Have some respect”! When Yusuke trying to find Keiko, he was getting blocked by thugs. He has to fight against the thugs but he was getting tired of fighting as Kuwabara because he doesn’t have the time to fight. Yusuke has finally found Keiko’s friends and wants to talk to them. The girls got scared of Kuwabara and ran away. He got 10 minutes until he talks to Keiko but he’s running out of time. Yusuke found Keiko as she went outside to see her friends. He told her that he’s using someone’s body only for an hour in order to talk to her. He wants her to believe him but she knew that Kuwabara acting like Yusuke when he speak. He tells her to take care of his body when he returns back to life and tell his mom to stop the funeral. She’ll wait for Yusuke and she gave him a hug despite she’s hugging Kuwabara. Yusuke was out of Kuwabara’s body. Kuwabara’s wondering what’s going on and he thought that he was with his friends. He was feeling happy that Keiko’s falling for him but he got slapped in the face. She said sorry but Kuwabara did deserve it. Keiko went to Yusuke’s house to tell Atsuko that he’s coming back to life but she already knows. Yusuke is slowly coming back to life. It was a successful day for Yusuke and his egg was beginning to glow and hatch a little.

Yusuke makes me laugh in this episode when he was laughing at Koenma calling him a toddler. The other part that made me laugh was when Kuwabara was acted like Yusuke because he’s inside Kuwabara’s body. This episode had some funny moments but it really show that Yusuke’s being good so that he can come back to life. He really stepping up his game by redeeming himself and do the right thing so that he can brought back to life. I give him a round of applause for becoming a better person despite that he’s still a delinquent. As a human being, we all have a chance to redeem ourselves and move in. We all have loved ones who cared about us. I want to thank Yusuke for teaching me that. If anyone is interested to watched Yu Yu Hakusho, check it out on #ActionAnime #Anime #AnimeReview #FightingAnime #Funimation #YusukeUrameshi #KuwabaraKazuma #YuYuHakusho #YuYuHakushoEpisodes #SpiritDetectiveSaga