Yusuke can feel the golden egg hatching. He thought that the ordeal was harder than he thought because he can’t think of a good thing to do. Botan teases him that he has a crush on Keiko but he doesn’t has a crush on her because they’re just friends. He and Botan were checking out Keiko to make sure she’s okay. Yusuke has a bad feeling of what will happen to her. It turns out that she’s ambushed by a group of thugs. They want her to pay five hundred dollars to them or else. Yusuke fly towards the thugs and tries to punch them but he keep forgetting that he’s a ghost. Kuwabara and his gang came to the rescue to save Keiko from the thugs. He did it as an apology for how he acted yesterday. She thanked him and ran away. Kuwabara can’t stand people pick on other people who are weaker than them. Everyone started to fight against each other that Yusuke and Botan wanted to watch. They’re rooting for Kuwabara and give him credit for being a good fighter.

Kuwabara saves Keiko from the thugs

The next day, a cruel and corrupt teacher Mr. Akashi heard the news about Kuwabara and his friends fighting against the boys from Kazanega Junior High. He’s teaching them a lesson about accountability. He doesn’t care about anything reasons because all he do was running his mouth. He knows that Kuwabara’s friend Okubo has a part-time job to support his family. He has a single mother, brothers and sisters but they’re all little. If he doesn’t have a job anymore, he and his family can’t afford anything to eat. Kuwabara wants Mr. Akashi to punish him instead of his friends. He taking responsibility for his action to help out his friends. The teacher wants Kuwabara to promise him that he won’t fight anyone for a week. He accepts it. The teachers were trying to set Kuwabara up to be expelled from school and they’re still speak ill of Yusuke. The nerve of those foolish teachers!! Kuwabara and his friends wants to keep their promise not to fight or Okubo will lose his job. The reason has a job is because his mother was sick that she can’t work. Yusuke feels bad for him that he’s living a bad situation. Kuwabara still keeps his promise to his friend to never fight. Their strategy was to leave as quick as they can to get home before the boys from Kazanega Junior High fights them. Kuwabara runs away and tell his friends no fighting. As he was going home, Yusuke and Botan follows him to make sure he doesn’t fight. He’s showing his loyalty to his friends. Yusuke thinks Kuwabara will break a promise to not fight. Mr. Akashi stalking on Kuwabara as he continues to tormenting kids. He trying to make sure he broke his promise to not fight. Kuwabara ran into some thugs from Kazanega Junior High and they all want to fight Kuwabara. He doesn’t want to fight so he runs away. He wanted to fight so bad but he chose not fight and let the thugs beat him up. He’s keeping his promise to his friends and take the beating like a man.

Yu Yu Hakusho episode 3

The next morning, Kuwabara told his friends the he ran into some guys from Kazanega Junior High and he didn’t fight them so he got beat up. Mr. Akashi was impressed but he wants Kuwabara to pass the physical science test with a score of fifty or higher. If he fails, Okubo will lose his job. They all accept the challenge because they got the worst test scores but Kuwabara got a seven. Yusuke got a twelve on his test proving that he’s smart than Kuwabara.

Yu Yu Hakusho Episode 3 (2)

Kuwabara was studying for the test on my own while eating. Mr. Akashi thinks he will fail the test. While Kuwabara finding some books at the library, there were thugs behind him. They want to beat him because of an incident at the baseball field. Kuwabara chose not to fight again so he got beat up again for the second time. It turns out that he missed the beating he got for Yusuke. Kuwabara continues to study for the test. When he’s home sleeping, Yusuke helped him study for the test by talking to him in his dreams. The next day, Kuwabara’s going to school studying for the test while Yusuke’s following him. There were thugs that want to fight  him for the third time. Yusuke was getting tired of thugs wasting Kuwabara’s time so he decided to fight them but they went through Yusuke. He always keep forgetting that he’s a ghost. While the thugs ran through two girls, Yusuke take over a Misako’s body while she’s knocked out. Yusuke’s using Misako to fights the thugs so Kuwabara can go to school unharmed. Hahahaha, all the thugs got beaten by a girl that’s fighting like a man. Yusuke feel better and leaves Misako’s body.

Yusuke takes over Misako's body

Kuwabara was finally taking the physical science test while Yusuke’s watching him. As a result, he scored a fifty-three. He finally saved Okubo’s job. He really kept his words to his friend. Mr. Akashi was shocked that Kuwabara’s test score was more than fifty. Mr. Iwamoto wants to help Mr. Akashi erase his last answer. The principal Takenaka overheard the teachers that they’re trying to make Kuwabara fail. He changed the test score into forty-eight. He got very angry at Mr. Akashi for erasing his last answer and he wanted to punch him but Yusuke stopped him. Kuwabara walks away feeling disappointed, sad and angry. Mr. Takenaka got very angry at Mr. Akashi and forced him to correct Kuwabara’s test score. Okubo told Kuwabara that he’s keeping his job and he passed the test. His friend gets to keep his job and Kuwabara thanked Yusuke for helping him.

Kuwabara thanking Yusuke

Man, I really hate that Mr. Akashi because he always set people up to fail. He doesn’t care about anything but himself. The worst thing he did was changing Kuwabara’s test score. He really wanted to set him up to fail. Seriously, I hate people like that. It’s nice to see Yusuke help out his rival to redeem himself. I was starting to like Kuwabara character as a good guy despite that he fights a lot. He saved Keiko, became a pacifist and passed the test. I admire his courage of getting beaten up like a man to keep a promise to his friends. He’s got a strong heart and I respect that. I give Kuwabara a million thumbs for his character. If anyone is interested to watched Yu Yu Hakusho, check it out on http://www.funimation.com #ActionAnime #Anime #AnimeReview #FightingAnime #Funimation #YusukeUrameshi #KuwabaraKazuma #YuYuHakusho #YuYuHakushoEpisodes #SpiritDetectiveSaga