Botan gets a little mad at Yusuke because everything’s half empty to him. If he keep this up, he’ll never come back to live. He kept running his mouth and insults the ruler of the Spirit World Koenma but Botan kept Yusuke’s mouth shut. She wants him to watch his language as she tells him that Koenma was sending investigators to check on his progress. There was someone who came from a lightning storm entrance. Her name is Sayaka: The Investigator. Koenma sends her to check out Yusuke’s progress. She asked about Yusuke’s girlfriend Keiko and Yusuke got angry saying that he and Keiko are just friends. Botan points at Keiko in the middle with her friends. She has a positive life but it’s very strange that she would like Yusuke who’s street brawler delinquent. She really wants Yusuke back to life but he couldn’t handle Keiko’s yelling. The reason is because she really cares about him. Botan teases Yusuke and she wants him to admit that he likes her but he doesn’t because they’re just friends. Sayaka doesn’t understand the relationship between Yusuke and Keiko so she decided to continue to investigate more.

Sayaka learns that Keiko’s very smart, athletic and very nice but she’s stern with her friends. She thinks that the relationship between Yusuke and Keiko is one-sided. There’s a handsome boy who loves Keiko’s voice and he asked her to be his girlfriend but she refuses. It turns out that she likes someone. Botan thinks Keiko chose Yusuke over the handsome boy. She continues to tease Yusuke about that he likes Keiko and he got angry saying “Leave me alone!!!”

Yu Yu Hakusho Season 1 Episode 4

When Keiko went to Yusuke’s house, the whole house was covered in garbage. She got a note from Yusuke’s mom Atsuko saying she’s out from a while and she wants her to take care of Yusuke. Sayaka thinks Atsuko is an irresponsible parent. Keiko was shocked to see Yusuke was covered in garbage. She cleaned him up but when she was wiping his face, she began to fall in love with him because of his face. She was going to kiss him but there was an announce that there’s a heat advisory and everyone to stay inside plus stay hydrated. There was also a couple of houses that got caught on fire from the dry heat. Keiko leaves Yusuke’s house to go shopping. There was a random person that opened the window, lit the canned soda on fire and throw it in the house. The person ran away as the house was on fire. Atsuko didn’t had the chance to clean the house and lock the windows. Yusuke as a ghost went inside the house to wake himself up but his body was asleep. He can’t posses himself because he can’t be revived until the golden egg hatches. Botan’s going to Kuwabara for assistance. If they don’t do something, Yusuke’s body will burned into a crisp.

Yu Yu Hakusho Season 1 Episode 4

Keiko heard news that there’s a house on fire and decides to check it out. Kuwabara practicing fighting a training dummy but think of it as Yusuke. Botan made it to Kuwabara touches his back as he got the tickle feeling. She told him that his rival’s house was on fire and she needs him to help Yusuke. Kuwabara’s going to Yusuke’s house. When Keiko made it to Yusuke’s fiery house, she grabs a bucket of water to throw water all over her and went inside a fiery house. She wanted to rescue him for the fire but Yusuke wants her to forget about him. He cared about her life more than his life. Kuwabara made it outside of Yusuke’s house. Keiko found Yusuke and put up the tiny fire on the blanket using her hands. When she covered his body with blanket sheets, the ceiling broke down and she trapped inside the house. Sayaka tells Yusuke that he can throw the golden egg into the fire to awaken the Spirit Beast and save Keiko. If he saves Keiko’s life,  the Spirit Beast won’t bring him back to life and stay as a ghost forever. The choice is his: come back to life or save Keiko’s life. Yusuke throw the golden egg into the fire to awaken the Spirit Beast. It cleared a straight path for Keiko to walk through. Kuwabara came inside to helped Keiko carry Yusuke’s body out of the house and they escaped unharmed. Yusuke’s glad that over. Kuwabara was wondering who’s under the blanket. When he check inside the blanket, he freaked out and asking Keiko of what she’s doing with Yusuke’s body. They both run away and take Yusuke’s body someplace safe.

Kuwabara's funny face

Since Yusuke saved Keiko from the fire, Botan tells him bad news that he can no longer stay in the Human World so she’s going to take him to the Spirit World. He will be a ghost forever and he was really sad about it. Botan and Sayaka feels bad for him but he made the decision to save Keiko on his own. Yusuke wants Botan to take him to either Heaven or Hell because he’s tired of being in the Human World. Koenma’s voice was heard and he was proud of Yusuke for showing more his character. As a reward of redeeming himself, Koenma decided to give him another chance to come back to life. He threw the golden egg into the fire without hesitation to save Keiko. Yusuke’s coming back to life for real. He was really happy and said “Yeah!!!” 😀 Botan and Sayaka were happy for Yusuke that he’s coming back to life.

Koenma gives Yusuke a second chance to come back to life

Yusuke just doesn’t want to admit his feelings for Keiko. He should be happy that Keiko likes him because she cares about him. In life, it’s nice to have people who cares about you like your family and friends. Someone who cares about someone makes the world a better place. Yusuke’s really doing the right thing despite that he’s a street brawler delinquent but he has redeem himself as a better person. He made a decision to save Keiko by throwing the golden egg to awaken the Spirit Beast and he became a hero. Because of that, he earn the right to be brought back to live. We all have to make our own choices in life even if it’s hard or easy. We just have to make the right choice. If anyone is interested to watched Yu Yu Hakusho, check it out on #ActionAnime #Anime #AnimeReview #FightingAnime #Funimation #YusukeUrameshi #KuwabaraKazuma #YuYuHakusho #YuYuHakushoEpisodes #SpiritDetectiveSaga