Yusuke wants to know when he’ll be back to life but for him, he needs to rush. Koenma takes Yusuke to his brand new house because of Atsuko’s insurance. He can’t be put back to his body just yet because the energy of the body and energy from the soul have their own wavelengths. If they aligned, they cannot join because it won’t happen until tomorrow. Yusuke’s happy that he’ll come back to live starting tomorrow but there’s a problem. Because of Yusuke’s wavelengths, it’s lower than most people. If he miss his chance, he’ll have to wait to realign for fifty-two years. He need someone in the living world who cares about him and donate their life energy by kissing him on the lips. Koenma’s opening the road between his body and the Spirit World so the transfer can be made. Yusuke’s body will shine in the morning. While his body’s getting prepared, he needs to enter the dreams of three people who wants him back. If they understand his message, they’ll kiss him before tomorrow at midnight and he will return to the living world. The three people who cared about Yusuke is his mom Atsuko, Keiko, and Kuwabara. Kuwabara had a nightmare for having the weirdest dream about Yusuke.

The next morning, Keiko’s watching Yusuke while his body isn’t starting to shine. She thinking of when will be the right time for her to kiss him. She left the house and Yusuke’s feet was beginning to glow. The glowing starts from the feet and moves up. He won’t be golden until noon. He’ll have to wait for Keiko when she gets out of school. When school was over, Keiko went to the hospital to see her mother as she overworked herself in a hot weather. She decided to stay at her mother’s side. Yusuke’s body was fully golden and he need the life energy. At the arcade Las Megas, Kuwabara’s playing a racing video game having fun but he’s yelling while playing. Yusuke and Botan found him at the arcade. He wants him to get off the game and he asked him to kiss him. Kuwabara’s still distracted from the game and Yusuke tried to punch him but he keeps forgetting that he’s a ghost. Kuwabara freaked out as he got the chill and left the arcade. Yusuke also tried to have his mom listen to him but she’s too drunk partying with her friends. The only way for Yusuke to connect is Keiko but she staying by her mother’s side at the hospital. He has 15 minutes left before midnight and he doesn’t have enough time. Botan has a new plan to reach to Keiko. Keiko’s mother wants her to save Yusuke and she hurried to his house. Yusuke has 5 minutes left but if Keiko doesn’t make it in time, he’ll have to wait for fifty years and see her as an old lady. She made it outside of Yusuke’s house. Botan told Yusuke and Koenma that Keiko’s mother was asleep so she was tuned to the Spirit World. Botan relayed the message through her. Keiko’s running as fast as she can but she has three minutes left. She’s running out of time as she only has 1 minute left. She found the key in her bag and opened the door to see Yusuke but he’s fading. She kissed him as he’s still glowing. She wanted him to come back because she needs him in her life but she was too late. When she was crying, Yusuke’s body moved a little. He finally woke up and said “Hey, nice kiss”. Keiko’s happy and hugged him with her tears of joy. Yusuke’s back to life but his case is only beginning.

Keiko kissed Yusuke

The next morning, Yusuke’s happy to be alive with a new outfit. He ran into a couple of thugs and they want his wallet. He’s happy that the thugs were talking to him. He can touch, and talk to people. Being alive is a wonderful thing to him. When Yusuke’s feeling happy, he met a fortune-teller and she told that he has a life energy that’s different from other people. She tells that he has a mission to accomplish. He left feeling confused. When he went inside a coffee-house, he saw guys from Rugafuchi Junior High that takes advantage of things while he’s gone. Yusuke saw a guy name Sakamoto with horns when he took his sunglasses off but he doesn’t care. Sakamoto wanted Kuwabara to steal comic books from the most guarded store. Kuwabara and his friends showed up to the coffee house and give Sakamoto the stolen comic books but he didn’t steal them because he bought them. He wants him to give back Eikichi but Sakamoto wants to teach Kuwabara how to steal but he doesn’t want to. Sakamoto ordered him to get on his knees and apologies. Kuwabara apologies and say he’s wrong. The thugs were laughing at Kuwabara calling him a pathetic loser. That Eikichi was a little kitty cat. Sakamoto wants to terrorize people for fun.


Kuwabara wants Sakamoto to give back Eikichi but he want him to hit three of his friends. He refuses to hit his friends. One of Sakamoto’s thugs wants to kill the cat. Yusuke came out of nowhere and punch the guy to save the cat. Everyone was surprised to see Yusuke’s back from the dead. Yusuke’s in the mood for a fight. The fight was broken loose and Yusuke give Kuwabara the cat back. Sakamoto ran away and Yusuke chase him. He trips and Yusuke finally catch up to him. He punched him from behind and knock him out. There’s a little demon came out of Sakamoto’s mouth. The little demon tried to escape from Yusuke but he caught it. The fortune-teller calls the little demon Jyaki: a ruthless criminal wanted for five convictions in the Spirit World. Jyaki burrows into the evil portions of a human’s soul and makes them do his bidding. Yusuke has proved to use his instincts to find a criminal wanted from Spirit World. She calls Yusuke a Spirit Detective. The fortune-teller reveal herself as Botan. Koenma was surprise to see Yusuke’s progress. He said he passed the test and he’s now the Spirit Detective of Earth but he’ll get new powers. Botan will give him information on his cases. He needs to ready for anything. Botan takes Jyaki back to the Spirit World. She wants Yusuke to get a good night sleep for tomorrow.

Yu Yu Hakusho Episode 5

This episode made me laugh when Kuwabara had the weirdest dream about Yusuke and I was laughing too hard. When he was playing a racing video game at the arcade, Yusuke punched him and he freaked out. He thinks the arcade was haunted by a ghost and it was kinda funny. Kuwabara may be tougher guy but he has a good heart and he has a strict code of honor. Yusuke and Kuwabara may be rivals but they do work together as a team when it comes to fighting. Sometimes bitter enemies become best friends. Yusuke finally accept the fact that he has a girlfriend name Keiko. She’s the only one that cares about him and wants him back to life. Now that Yusuke’s back to life, he’s now become a Spirit Detective of Earth and this is just the beginning for him. If anyone is interested to watched Yu Yu Hakusho, check it out on http://www.funimation.com #ActionAnime #Anime #AnimeReview #FightingAnime #Funimation #YusukeUrameshi #KuwabaraKazuma #YuYuHakusho #YuYuHakushoEpisodes #SpiritDetectiveSaga


  1. My fave character in this anime has always been Kuwabara, and I know it’s weird, but I just like how he plays off Yusuke’s heroic-ness. And you also learn new things about this thug the more you peel away.
    I always picture him getting a happy ending after the series ended. 🙂

  2. It’s nice to have a favorite character in a anime show. Even though Yusuke and Kuwabara fought each other a lot, but now they fight together not just as a team but as brothers. Bitter rivals become best friends and that’s why it became a powerful friendship.

  3. Are you rewatching this or is this your first time? Kuwabara is actually an odd cast in this anime. It’s also funny seeing the same character basically reused for Hunter X Hunter. Well, all of them were, color scheme and all. XD