In the Spirit World, there were three demons inside the Great Treasure Hall of the Spirit Realm causing trouble but they escaped. They’ve taken three treasures. During the morning, Atsuko was trying to wake up Yusuke and he woken up. She was relieved to see her son’s okay and she was crying. She was always like that even since her son was alive since yesterday. During school, Yusuke ran into two guys to join in the conversation but they ran away from him. They acted like they’re seen a ghost. Keiko tells Yusuke that they don’t feel safe around him because he just don’t care. He was thinking about the kiss he got from Keiko when he was about to come back to life. The student were looking at Yusuke like they seen a ghost. They all ran away feeling scared. Things remain the same but Yusuke’s becoming a nice guy. He thinks it’s better for him to stay dead. Kuwabara tells him that life’s a drag and he still haven’t forgotten that he’ll settle the score with Yusuke. Kuwabara will thank him once he beats him up. Once again, things still remain the same for Yusuke. Mr. Takenaka hits him to reminded him that the first period of class begins in a one and a half minutes. Yusuke wants to skip class but Keiko wants him go back to school. Mr. Iwamoto’s looking at the window at Yusuke calling him a cockroach and he wants to squash him. Yusuke’s back into his old ways by cutting class and stays on the school roof. He has received an item from Koenma. It’s a Psychic Spy-Glass. He can use it see through walls and anything. He can use detective items but it requires spirit energy so he has to get strong in order to master them. Yusuke’s taking a nap on the school roof. During class, students lost their personal belongings. When Yusuke showed up to class, students were looking at him and thinks that he stolen their items. Keiko defends Yusuke saying that he’s not a thief but the students know he’s a thug. Mr. Iwamoto takes him the office. Yusuke didn’t anything but Mr. Iwamoto didn’t believe him and punch him. He thinks he learns how to steal from his mom but Mr. Iwamoto insults his mom. Yusuke was getting angry and he wanted to punch him. The teacher wanted him to punch him so he can be expelled from school. When Yusuke’s about to punch him,  Koenma came out of nowhere and told Yusuke that he has a case to get the three artifacts from the three criminals. They stolen the three artifacts of darkness from his Koenma’s father’s vault. They killed the guards and escaped to the Living World. Yusuke doesn’t have time for that because he’s busy with Mr. Iwamoto. Everything’s frozen that the teacher can’t see or hear Yusuke and Koenma. This is a very important mission for Yusuke. If the three artifacts are used to their potential, the Living World will be in chaos and suffering: lost lives, captured souls and unpleasant things. Yusuke refuses to do the case.

Yu Yu Hakusho episode 6

Koenma wants him to use the Psychic Spy-Glass and look at Mr. Iwamoto’s pocket. He founds all the stolen items he took from the students. Yusuke reached into his pocket and grabs the Golden dragon fountain pen. Mr. Takenaka wants the teacher to give him an explanation but he continues to lie that Yusuke stolen the items. He left the office but the principal follows him. Yusuke’s really mad that Mr. Iwamoto tried to set him up and wants to beat him up. Koenma wants Him to attack him invisibly. Yusuke has a new ability where he has to take control of his Spirit Energy and gather as much as he can into his right index finger. All he has to do was aim and shoot by imagining the trigger in his mind then pull it right. It’s called a Spirit Gun. Yusuke use his Spirit Gun to shoot and hits Mr. Iwamoto. Human beings emit both body and spirit energy. When Yusuke’s a ghost, he became aware of his spirit energy and channel it into his finger. He can only use the Spirit Gun once a day.

Yusuke use his Spirit Gun for the first time

Yusuke’s mission is to get the three artifacts: Shadow Sword: it will make a monster from whoever it cuts, Forlorn Hope: emits a cryptic power at full moon and The Orb of Baast: it captures living souls including children. The three artifacts were forged from darkness and they will prey on the weak and desperate. Those items were created eons a long time ago by the universe itself and serves a vital role in balancing life. If they fall into the wrong hands, they can destroy and tip the scale towards evil. Koenma’s counting on Yusuke take care of business.

The Three Artifacts

When Yusuke trying to find the three criminals, the sky turned red and dark. There’s a little boy who fainted and the living soul was leaving because of the Orb of Baast. Yusuke follows the little boy’s living soul. He founds and see a monster with horns. He using his Psychic Spy-Glass and saw the Orb of Baast inside the monster’s pocket. The monster gets up and walks away. When Yusuke tried to follows him, the thugs wants him to give money to them. Yusuke beats up the thugs and resume back to his mission. In the Spirit World, an ogre clerk has information on the criminals for Koenma. The criminal names are Kurama, Hiei, and Gouki. It could be very tough for Yusuke to deal with. He has a week left to return the three artifacts to save the entire planet. He has to defeat the three criminals even it means risking his life. Botan’s going to help as much as she can. Yusuke made it to the wood and saw a light in the sky. In the middle of the woods, Hiei has the Shadow Sword and wants to make humans into demons and make a demon army. Gouki likes his plan and he wants to teach them to eat souls and feed them using The Orb of Baast. When it’s a full moon, they’ll use Kurama’s weapon and get full control but Kurama wants to leave the party. Hiei considers him a coward for living the Human World for years. Gouki doesn’t care if Kurama but he wants him to give him the Forlorn Hope. Kurama refuses because he needs the Forlorn Hope for something important. When Gouki’s going to punch Kurama, Yusuke has shown up and told them if they want to steal the three artifacts, they should hide where it’s not sunny. Hiei asked who he is and how he know about the three artifacts. Yusuke introduced himself to Kurama, Hiei and Gouki that he’s the Spirit Detective. Hiei considers Yusuke as one of Koenma’s fools that his spirit energy was pathetic. Kurama leaves as he doesn’t have the time to be arrested.

Yusuke meets Kuruma and Hiei for the first time

Hiei leaves to follow him because he doesn’t want him to walk out on their plan. Gouki decided to stay and deal with Yusuke. He brought out the Orb of Baast and grab a human soul but it was the little boy’s soul. When Gouki began to eat it, Yusuke called him a monster and kicks him on the stomach. He spit out the little boy’s soul and Yusuke punch him to teach the sick monster a lesson. The little boy’s soul flying back to his body. Yusuke grabs the Orb of Baast and ready to get two more artifacts because the battle’s not over yet. Gouki transformed into Kyukonki: a dark, primitive beast that feeds on living souls, ripping the victims apart and devouring them while they’re still alive. Gouki attacked Yusuke as he’s getting hammered. He doesn’t know how to fight monsters. Gouki grabs a tree and attack him with it. Yusuke wants to the Spirit Gun but he can’t because he can only it once a day. He’s at a disadvantage against Gouki and thinking he’s going to die for the second time.


Watching some dark anime show can really scare people but this episode scares me a little. This episode is a little dark to see someone eat a human soul. That Gouki is a cold and cruel monster that doesn’t care about everyone but eating living souls for fun. Yusuke teaches him a lesson and he’s becoming a hero to save the little boy’s life. I was already beginning to like Kurama because of his calm nature, and he’s a pacifist that he chose not fight. I’m also a pacifist just like him. He may be a demon but he seems to be a good guy. Hiei is a ruthless demon that wants to cause trouble. Seeing Yusuke meet Kurama and Hiei for the first time made this episode more awesome. What an incredible debut for Kurama and Hiei. If anyone is interested to watched Yu Yu Hakusho, check it out on #ActionAnime #Anime #AnimeReview #FightingAnime #Funimation #YusukeUrameshi #KuwabaraKazuma #Kurama #Hiei #YuYuHakusho #YuYuHakushoEpisodes #SpiritDetectiveSaga