Yusuke’s getting beaten by Gouki who transformed into Kyukonki. He was trying to figure out how to beat Gouki. Gouki wanted Yusuke to suffer more. Botan voice was heard ans she was making voice impression of other villagers. Gouki let Yusuke go and let him live for now. The next morning, Yusuke woken up in his room and he thought it was a dream. Atsuko was relieved to see her son’s okay but she hit him in the head. She’s really worried that Yusuke will get killed again and she cried. Botan showed up to Yusuke’s room reveal herself as a human being despite she’s a grim reaper. She’s the one that saved Yusuke from Gouki. She thought that it would be better for her to be at a human form to help Yusuke more. Botan got something for Yusuke and it’s called a Demon Compass: it indicates the distance and direction of an already identified demon. It will be very easy for Yusuke but it will be hard when he face them. Gouki’s strong but the other two demons are much stronger than Gouki. Botan tells Yusuke think he only has one week left to get the three artifacts. He’s going back to beat Gouki and save the children’s souls but he’s in no shape to fight. There are things that he doesn’t understand but he thinks it isn’t better for a person to lose their live than soul. He can use the Spirit Gun now that a day has passed. This time he’s not going to lose against Gouki. Botan gives him another item called the Concentration Ring: it multiples the wearer’s Spirit Energy. Botan was saving it for Yusuke just in case his Spirit Energy gets stronger. Once he wears the Concentration Ring, his Spirit Gun will get more powerful but it will make him exhausted. He activate his Demon Compass and leaves his house. Gouki continues to steal children’s souls because of the Orb of Baast. Yusuke’s back for round 2 against Gouki. Gouki transformed into Kyukonki for the second time. Yusuke’s going for a punch on Gouki’s stomach but it has no effect. It’s because the Kyukonki’s skin is solid rock. Yusuke uses a broken tree to hit Gouki but still no effect. He picks up the broken tree while Yusuke’s holding on and throws him. He ran out of ideas but the only he can think of is the Spirit Gun but only at the last resort. Gouki kick him and stomping him. Botan throws wood at Gouki and saves Yusuke. Gouki wants to eat Yusuke and Botan. When he’s about to eat Yusuke, he puts a wood in Gouki’s mouth. He fires his Spirit Gun at Gouki’s face and killed him. All the living souls were back to their bodies. Yusuke has saved the little children and got the Orb of Baast. Two more artifacts to go for Yusuke.

Yu Yu Hakusho episode 7

At night time, Yusuke’s Demon Compass was alarming him that there’s a demon nearby and it’s Kurama. Yusuke’s getting ready to fight but he’s not in good condition. When Kurama’s walking by, he speaks from his mind saying that he has no intention of fighting or fleeing. He has a favor for Yusuke. Kurama wants him to give him three days and after that, he’ll give him the Forlorn Hope.

Kurama walks by Yusuke and Botan

At Yusuke’s house, Botan thinks it could be a trap but it seems a little easy. By three days, the moon will be full and the power of the Forlorn Hope will reach its maximum. Then the mirror will reflect the strongest desire of whoever looks into it and the desire will be granted but the user must give something in return. Yusuke’s mind tells him that he should trust Kurama. He’s different from Hiei and Gouki when he leaves the party. In Kurama’s eyes, he looks more sad than evil. The next morning, Botan’s going to get more information about the Forlorn Hope from Koenma while Yusuke meets Kurama. He finally meets Kurama in front of the hospital. He takes Yusuke to see his sick mother. At sunset, Kurama tells Yusuke that his name Suichi was taken in his human form. He has a human mother but his father passed away years ago. Kurama’s truest name is Yoko: Spirit Fox that gains the power of a demon over hundreds of years. In time he was very bored and spends hours learning the art of breaking codes and seals. He loves ancient treasures as his sport. Fifteen years ago, he was badly wounded by a pursuer. With a little life energy he had, he escaped to the Living World and became a child to a human family. If he can withstand humanity for ten years, his spirit energy would have the time to recover. Then, he would escape.


His mother’s ill and he didn’t want to leave her after all she done for him. That’s why Hiei and Gouki appeared and Hiei tracked him down needing his expertise. Kurama knows the powers of the Forlorn Hope. He wants to use the Forlorn Hope to save his mother’s life and accept his punishment. He asked Yusuke about some species that’s a child eats its mother. For that, Kurama feels guilty that he caused his mother pain. He feel like he broke her spirit and cause her disease. The reason Kurama tells Yusuke about that is because he needed a trusted human to know. Yusuke trusts Kurama’s words that he’s not lying. A nurse tells Kurama that his mother was in critical condition that she’s going to die. He has no choice but to use the Forlorn Hope to save his mother’s life. The one makes the wish at the same time loses their life. That’s the reason it’s called the Forlorn Hope. Kurama using the Forlorn Hope to reflect his greatest desire to save his mother. Yusuke found out that the Forlorn Hope said something about giving someone’s life to grant a wish. Kurama wants to give his life away to save his mother but Yusuke refuses to let that happened. Yusuke wants the Forlorn Hope to take his life instead of Kurama so that he can still get his wish. He doesn’t want Kurama’s mother to cry forever over her son’s death. He seen that once before when he died and now he doesn’t want to see it again.

Yu Yu Hakusho episode 7

The wish was granted. Kurama’s still alive but he’s worried about his mother and runs to her. Yusuke’s alive and he has obtained the Forlorn Hope. The nurse tell Kurama the his mother was okay that can fully recover. He’s happy to see her okay. Just one more artifact for Yusuke to get but Hiei has possession of the Shadow Sword.

I never thought I learn the history about Kurama of why he’s a demon that inhabited a human body in this episode. He may be a demon but as a human being, he isn’t. He really is a good guy and Yusuke trust him. The look in his eyes tells me that he has a problem to deal with. Kurama wanted to save his mother’s life using the Forlorn Hope. Yusuke almost risked his life to save Kurama’s mother’s life. He didn’t want him to give his life away to save his mother because she’ll cried just Atsuko. Because of Yusuke’s actions to save someone’s life for the second time, he’s became a true friend to Kurama because he cares. What an awesome episode to see Yusuke and Kurama become friends for the first time. If anyone is interested to watched Yu Yu Hakusho, check it out on http://www.funimation.com #ActionAnime #Anime #AnimeReview #FightingAnime #Funimation #YusukeUrameshi #Kurama #Hiei #YuYuHakusho #YuYuHakushoEpisodes #SpiritDetectiveSaga