At night-time, Hiei was thinking about Gouki’s and Kurama’s failures. Gouki’s overconfidence and Kurama’s sympathy but this time, he won’t fail as he has possession of the Shadow Sword. The Shadow Sword can transform any human it cuts into a demon but only the sword itself can reverse the effect. Hiei has the courage to use the three artifacts but he want to kill Yusuke Urameshi first.


The next morning, Yusuke’s on the school roof with Botan. He was still having nightmares about Gouki but he thanked Botan for healing him. She’s wearing the school uniform so she could fit in and follows Yusuke while he’s in school. She talks about Kurama’s case that was reviewed by the punishment board so Koenma decided to let him go on his best behavior. Yusuke has one more artifact to go and he still has three days left. Botan tells him about Hiei that he’s the toughest, ruthless and most cunning demon. Keiko was looking for Yusuke and she found him on the school roof. She told him that Mr. Takenaka’s looking for him. Once again, Yusuke’s still cutting class. He didn’t even do his book report. Botan teases him about the difference between school and work. Keiko was surprised and wondering who she was. Botan introduced herself to Keiko and she was pleased to meet her. Keiko doesn’t know who she is. When Botan trying to talk about Spirit Energy, Yusuke hit her on the head because he doesn’t want her to tell Keiko about the Spirit World. He wants to keep it a secret. Things will get more complicated for Yusuke if he doesn’t tell Keiko soon. Botan will see Yusuke after school. Keiko’s asking some questions and Yusuke continues to keep the Spirit World stuff a secret from her. Keiko just wanted to tell him about his book report so he won’t get in trouble. Yusuke tells her that he and Botan will be busy and Keiko got mad at him as she’s getting jealously. Hiei has learned something about Keiko from a little demon that she’s Yusuke’s childhood friend. Keiko was walking home thinking about what Yusuke was saying. While she’s walking, Hiei was standing still waiting. Keiko couldn’t see Hiei because he’s a demon. When she walked past him, he attacked her with his Shadow Sword.

Yu Yu Hakusho episode 8

Yusuke’s Demon Compass was beeping as there’s a demon one mile away so he left detention. He’s running as fast as he can while Botan’s following him. She told him that Hiei’s using his Spirit Energy to send out a moving signal for Yusuke to follow. In other words, he’s leading him to his hideout. He has kidnapped Keiko but he won’t give her back unless Yusuke gives him the two artifacts. Yusuke has open the door to the warehouse looking for Hiei and he wants to kick his butt. There’s people who were being controlled by Hiei’s Jagan Eye. Hiei has appeared with the Shadow Sword on his hand. He used his powers to gather humans in the morning because they can make a scenery. Yusuke looking at his third eye and he called it a pimple. It’s called the Jagan: a third eye for the Spirit.


People has held Keiko captive. Hiei just wants the two artifacts Forlorn Hope and the Orb of Baast. Yusuke has the two artifacts for Hiei and he lets her go. He has the three artifacts of darkness in his control and people will bowing down to him. Yusuke wants him to stop bragging or he’ll end up embarrassing himself. Now that Keiko’s safe, Yusuke wants to beat Hiei. He wants him to try as he’s laughing. Yusuke was getting angry at his cocky laugh but he tried to punch him, Hiei disappeared. He was using his lightning speed but he only stepped gently to the side. He said something about Keiko that she’s still in Hiei’s control. He wants her to look at her closely. Yusuke looks at Keiko and he saw an eye on her forehead. Hiei wants him to have her but Hiei will have her in the future. He attack her with the Shadow Sword. When her Jagan eye opens, she’ll become a demon as a slave to Hiei. Botan’s preventing the Jagan eye to open by using her spiritual powers and she want Yusuke to beat Hiei. Her energy was draining fast and Yusuke will have a girlfriend that’s a demon. Hiei was laughing and Yusuke’s getting mad.

Hiei tells Yusuke about the Shadow Sword that it has an antidote to stop the sword’s effect. If he gets the sword, Keiko will live. Hiei wants to play a little game called Tag. Yusuke quickly jumps and punched Hiei in the face while he’s talking. He’s thinks that Yusuke’s faster than he thoughts. He learned that he’s a fighter by himself but when his friend’s on the line, his strength increasing. He said “You’re a team player. A save-the-day super hero. I hate people like you”. What an epic quote from a villain. Hiei was surprised by Yusuke but he still didn’t get the Shadow Sword. This time, he won’t let his guard down. He continues to talk and Yusuke asked if he’s done yapping. Hiei’s using his Jagan eye to teleport and taunt Yusuke if he could keep up. While he’s teleporting, Yusuke stays focus and found Hiei from behind. He punched him and he crashed through a box. Hiei’s getting angry saying that he’s dead. Yusuke tells him that he yaps too much like a professional wrestler and that he had to eat up all his words. Hiei takes off his shirt to tell him that he never transformed. While he’s transforming, Keiko’s Jagan eye shocked Botan’s hand. Her Jagan eye begins to slowly open as the monster inside her. The monster inside her was feeding Hiei’s energy. She continues to use her spiritual power to stop Keiko’s Jagan eye from opening even if it hurts her hand. Hiei doesn’t want Yusuke to be alarmed because it’s just him. Hiei’s upper body’s covered with eyes as he’s now in his full demon form but Keiko will join him.

Hiei's Jaganshi form

Hiei jumps in front of Yusuke and he punched him. Kurama’s on his way to the warehouse feeling Hiei’s presence. Hiei’s using the Jagan Tie Curse to paralyze Yusuke’s body. Hiei has two choices for Yusuke: he can end his life or turned him into a demon. Hiei chose the answer for him by ending his life. As Yusuke’s about to be killed, Kurama got stabbed in the stomach saving Yusuke. Kurama sliced his hand from the steel of the Shadow Sword and threw blood all over Hiei’s Jagan eye. Yusuke was untied from Hiei’s Jagan Tie Curse. The eyes on Hiei’s boy were for amplification but without the Jagan eye on his forehead, his powers becomes useless. Yusuke was wondering why Kurama would do that but he did in order to thank him for saving him. Now it’s Kurama turn to repay his debt to Yusuke by saving him. He wants Yusuke to handle Hiei while he use his powers to keep Keiko from transforming into a demon. Hiei was feeling betrayed by Kurama and he wants to get him but he has to go through Yusuke first. His spirit energy was growing faster as the situation gets dangerous. Yusuke and Hiei has got into a fight and Hiei’s using his lightning speed as an advantage that it doesn’t matter how strong Yusuke is if he can’t hit him.

Yusuke vs Hiei

Hiei punched him to the wall and slide down. Yusuke was trying to figure out a plan but he saw the Forlorn Hope. He made a run for it and Hiei was laughing thinking he’s a coward that he can run away from him. Hiei chased him down while he’s running. When Yusuke stopped, he turns around and fires his Spirit Gun at Hiei but he missed when he dodged it. While Hiei’s running his mouth about Yusuke’s bad aim, the Spirit Gun hit him from behind when he wasn’t looking. Hiei thought that he missed but he use the Forlorn Hope to reflected the shot. Yusuke calls it watching your opponent. Hiei turned back to normal. He thinks Yusuke’s very clever and he falls on the floor unconscious and Yusuke has won the battle.

Yusuke has poured the antidote in Keiko’s mouth and the Jagan eye disappeared. She’s back to normal. Yusuke thanked Kurama for helping him. Botan still can’t believe what Yusuke did that he didn’t tell her that the Spirit Gun could bounce off mirrors. She wants to know how he learn that. Yusuke already knew that Hiei’s too fast that he could dodge his Spirit Gun but he can shoot him from behind. That’s why he saw the Forlorn Hope and give it a shot. He learned that from science class that light could bounce off a mirror. If the Spirit Gun didn’t bounce off a mirror, Yusuke will be killed by Hiei. Kurama thinks Yusuke’s a brilliant strategist but a lucky fool. Yusuke has finally got the three artifacts back in one week and save the day.

Hiei is a ruthless antagonist of this episode of Yu Yu Hakusho. I like his role as a villain because he has that sinister look on his face that he’s not playing around. The most epic quote that Hiei said to Yusuke: “You’re a team player. A save-the-day super hero. I hate people like you”. What an epic quote from Hiei. Because of that, I was starting to like Hiei in Yu Yu Hakusho. Sometimes, I couldn’t take him very seriously because of his height and his baby face. He does talk a lot like a pro wrestler to Yusuke and I find it a little funny that Yusuke wanted him to shut up. When he transformed, I was thinking that he’s turning into the Hulk. He dodged from the Spirit Gun but he didn’t see that the shot was reflected from a mirror and he got hit from it. What an awesome villanous debut for Hiei. If anyone is interested to watched Yu Yu Hakusho, check it out on #ActionAnime #Anime #AnimeReview #FightingAnime #Funimation #YusukeUrameshi #Kurama #Hiei #YuYuHakusho #YuYuHakushoEpisodes #SpiritDetectiveSaga