Yusuke has closed the case of recovering the three artifacts from three demons: Gouki, Kurama and Hiei. He has some time off to relax and breathe but Botan tells him that he has another mission. She tells him that there was a powerful fighter named Genkai: one of the greatest psychics and she’s about to give up her powers to someone worthy. She thinks that if Genkai chose Yusuke as her apprentice, he’ll be stronger. There’s also a demon named Rando that wanted Genkai’s power and if he gains her power, there will be trouble for everyone. He’s a human hunter that hides in the shadows of the living world waiting for prey and he stolen the powers of ninety-nine psychics. When he steals a technique, he manipulates it into his own style and uses it on human to test his strength. It’s a major crisis for mankind. Botan tells Yusuke that there’s a special bonus if he completes the mission: a ticket to the main event for the Battle Match at Tokyo Dome and he accepts the mission. He feels frustrated that he said yes as he’s walking on the stairs. He wanted to have a three-day weekend. Yusuke has made it to the top and saw a lot of fighters. They all wanted to be Genkai’s student. She’s setting up a competition and the winner will earn her power. Yusuke saw his former rival Kuwabara and his powers of seeing supernatural stuff has increased greatly for the past few weeks. He heard that Genkai can fix up his symptoms so he decide to pay her a visit. He tells Yusuke that she’s an expert at the Spirit Wave techniques. When the door opened, Genkai has revealed herself as a short old woman.

Yu Yu Hakusho episode 9

The first round of the competition: Genkai asked everyone to grab a piece of paper from a big pot. She said if everyone has a red piece of paper inside will qualify for the second round. If not red, they’ll have to leave. Yusuke wanted his paper to go blank and so does Kuwabara. As a result, both of them got a red piece of paper. Genkai was thinking that the winner turned the paper red themselves because they had enough Spirit Energy. They were a couple of fighters who were upset by the elimination and they want to attack Genkai. She uses her spiritual power and throws them out just by staring at them. Everyone was stunned by her power and Yusuke was interested to learn her power. Genkai asked everyone with red papers to follow her. Yusuke notice her using the Spirit Wave. He checked his Demon Compass and it went crazy that it exploded. Kuwabara thins he bought a bad watch. Yusuke has to find Rando without the Demon Compass.

Yu Yu Hakusho episode 9

The second round of the competition: there’s a house full of arcade video games. Yusuke doesn’t think it’s normal house and Kuwabara thinks she loves video games. They’re not just video games, They’re just games that tests their spirit abilities. There are three types of games: Rock, Paper, Scissors aka Janken Game: tests their spirit awareness, Punching Machine: tests their spirit strength and Karaoke Game: tests their spirit ability to adapt and grow stronger. If the fighters win two of a three games will qualify to the third round. If not, they’ll have to leave. Kuwabara punches the punching machine and he got a score of 129 points. Yusuke beats him with a score of 155 points. Genkai was impressed by Yusuke’s spirit strength. He’ll become a powerful force with good training. Kuwabara challenges him in a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors and he dominated the game of Janken in a clean sweep. Genkai was also impressed by Kuwabara’s spirit awareness.  There’s a fighter that beats Yusuke’s score with 175 at the punching game. There was someone singing at the Karaoke game to test his spirit ability and he got 100 points. The twenty fighters has passed and advanced to the third round.

Yu Yu Hakusho Janken

The third round of the competition: the third round will be more dangerous and severe. Everyone must pass through the Dark Forest. The Dark Forest has the oldest and primitive demons. There’s a giant tree and everyone has to make it there within two hours and they’re pass. There were a fighters that decided to give up as they don’t want to be killed. Only those who gone through the training should go through the Dark Woods. Yusuke and Kuwabara decided to go through the forest. Everyone was running through the forest but Genkai’s showing off as she’s running very fast. She told everyone that she’ll wait be by the tree and they’ll have to use their Spirit Awareness to find the quickest way of the forest. Yusuke thinks the quickest way is a straight line so he went straight. Kuwabara takes a different path while some people were getting trapped. Yusuke saw the bat demon leader known as Baldok and he threatens him to leave or die. Kuwabara has made it to the tree and he was the first one but there were a couple of fighters made it to the tree also. Yusuke’s still at the Dark Forest facing Baldok and Baldok’s using his lightning speed but Yusuke punched him. He also jumped and kicks on top of Baldok. He was angry that he wasted a half an hour memorizing Baldok attack style and punched him again. At the tree, they were seven people who made it except for Yusuke. Genkai doesn’t make exceptions but Yusuke made it to the tree. He learned that the straight way is not always the fastest. He told Genkai that he beat Baldok and he’s fast but not fast as Hiei. He went over the time limit but Genkai will make an exception. There are eight fighters advancing to the fourth round.

Yusuke beats Baldok

I can’t believe I’ve notice some street fighter character references of Ryu, E Honda, Chun Li, Dhaisim and Zangief. I never knew that Yu Yu Hakusho has a street fighter references. I used to play street fighter years ago but I’m very bad at playing it. The only characters I’m a little at are Ken and Ryu but Ken’s my top favorite. Genkai has an easy test, fun test and dangerous test. I had no idea Genkai loves video games just like I do. I always knew that video games was part of a training exercise. If I wanted to test my own strength, I would go for the punching machine. The first time I tried out a punching machine, I got over a 1000 points as a high score. I don’t care how old I get because I still love video games. If anyone is interested to watched Yu Yu Hakusho, check it out on http://www.funimation.com #ActionAnime #Anime #AnimeReview #FightingAnime #Funimation #YusukeUrameshi #KuwabaraKazuma #YuYuHakusho #YuYuHakushoEpisodes #SpiritDetectiveSaga