Those are pictures of me cosplaying as Yuri Lowell from Tales of Vesperia. The name’s Yuri Lowell and I’m the main protagonist of Tales of Vesperia. I’m an orphan who was born and raised in the Lower Quarter of the Imperial Capital Zaphais. I used to be with the Imperial Knights with my childhood best friend Flynn Scifo. I always practice sword fighting against Flynn and I always lose. We both vowed to fight together to make people happy. When I quit being with the Imperial Knights, I started to become a carefree young man because I don’t care what the Imperial Knights do. When I found out the someone stolen the blastia core that supports the water in the Lower Quarter, I had left my hometown Zaphias in the lower quarter in order to chase down a blastia core thief with the Princess Estelle and my loyal partner Repede. Blastia are technological devices developed by the Geraios Civilization that utilize the primeval power of aer to provide the people with fire, water, light, and protection against monsters.  I’m a member of a guild called Brave Vesperia with Estelle, Captain Karol, Rita, Raven, Judith and my loyal partner Repede. Brave Vesperia: “brother” of the Child of the Full Moon, ascending to the skies to watch over the world and “son” of Terca Lumireis. We fought the calamity and save the world from annihilation.“We make the future. You trust the path you choose and create it.” So you intend to dirty your hands then? Intend to? I already have…” “This ends now! O brilliant blade of coldest steel, rend the infinite darkness and crush my enemies to nothing! You’re dead! Savage Wolf Fury!” #Cosplay #YuriLowellCosplay #TalesofVesperia