Zoids: New Century is an anime show directed by Yoshio Kato, written by Katsuyuki Sumisawa and produced by Hiroshi Morotomi & Toshihiro Nakazawa. Zoids: New Century Zero takes place after Zoids: Chaotic Century where zoids were used for warfare. In New Century Zero, zoids are no longer used for warfare; instead there are used for battle competitions and tournaments run by the Zoid Battle Commission. Zoids battles are fighting competition held in enormous battle using a mechanical animal combat units known as Zoids. Warriors puts their pride on the line and sharpen their skills against their opponents. Humans pilot their own zoids and enter the Zoid Battle competition and tournament to determined to be the best Zoid team.

Bit Cloud is the main protagonist of Zoids: New Century Zero. He is a junk dealer looking for zoid parts. The Zoid battle between The Blitz Team: Leena, Brad and Leon (Dibison, Command Wolf, and Shield Liger) vs The Tigers Team: Kirkland, Omari, and Lineback (Zaber Fangs) was about to the start. The Blitz Team were off to a bad start against the Tigers Team. Leon gain the advantage when he activating the Shield from the Shield Liger to knock one of the Zaber Fangs. When the Shield Liger was running, it was tripped over by Bit’s invisible truck. Bit was in the middle of the zoid battle field because he’s looking for some parts and components. Leon requested the judge that the battle should be cancelled because Bit was in the middle of a restricted zoid battle field. As a resulted, the fight was declared a cancellation. The Blitz Team vs The Tiger Team will face each other again tomorrow without any interference. Later, Bit was caught and captured by the Blitz Team (Leon Toros, Brad Hunter, Leena Toros, Jaime Hermeros and Steve Toros) thinking that he’s trying to steal some components or a zoid. Bit asked Leena about the rare zoid and Leena calls it Liger Zero. No one can pilot the Liger Zero because the Blitz Team prove to be useless. Bit became interested in the Liger Zero. It will be the best zoid if it has the best pilot. The Liger Zero automatically chose Bit as it pilot. Bit was released from the ropes and jumped in the cockpit. Bit trying to learn how to pilot it but the Liger Zero keeps moving and moving but it stopped in the middle of the desert. In time, he’ll become the best pilot to the Liger Zero.

During the rematch battle of the Blitz Team vs the Tiger Team, Bit and his Liger Zero came out of nowhere. The Zoid Battle Commissioner registered Bit Cloud and his Liger Zero to the Zoid Battle and he joined the Blitz Team to challenge the Tigers Team. Liger Zero guides Bit of how to beat the Zaber Fangs. Bit founds a Zaber Fang gun sniper and jumped on top of it. Bit was trying to figure out to how to beat the Tigers Team with weapons. Liger Zero shows Bit an attack move called Strike Laser Claws. Bit entrusting his potential to the Liger Zero. He uses Strike Laser Claws for the first time against the Zaber Fangs. Brad finish off shooting the Zaber Fang with his Command Wolf. The Blitz Team defeated the Tiger Team with Bit and his Liger Zero’s assistance. Bit became a permanent pilot of the Liger Zero and registered to the Blitz Team. Bit Cloud and Liger Zero became teammates.

Bit was learning and training how to become a better pilot to the Liger Zero. The zoid battle competition will get tougher, and tougher for Bit. In time, the Liger Zero will have hidden potential. It has its own capabilities. It’s all about team bonding between Bit and his Liger Zero and they will be an unstoppable team. Bit Cloud and The Liger Zero make an excellent team. Bit always talks to his Liger Zero and understand how it feels. Bit has some new equipment for the Liger Zero: Liger Zero Jager: speed and maneuverability, Liger Zero Schneider: close combat, and Liger Zero Panzer: heavy artillery.

The Liger Zero has four different armor:

Liger Zero wallpaper
Liger Zero

Liger Zero: Strike Laser Claws (Signature), AZ 208 mm Double-Barreled Shock Cannon, AZ 108 mm High-Density Beam Gun Changing Armor System, Ion Turbo Booster Unit, and Downforce Stabilizers. This zoid is highly agile and a very fast zoid.

Liger Zero Jager wallpaper

Liger Zero Jager

Liger Zero Jager: Laser fangs, Strike Laser Claws, AZ 208 mm Double-Barreled Shock Cannon, Vulcan Pod, Flying Vulcan Pod, Changing Armor System, Aero-Fairings, Large Ion Boosters, Side Thrusters, Multi-Blade Antenna, and objective blade sensor. It is a very fast lightly armored zoid that focus on speed, maneuverability and agility. 

Liger Zero Schneider wallpaper

Liger Zero Schneider

Liger Zero Schneider: Laser Fangs, Strike Laser Claws, AZ 208 mm Double-Barreled Shock Cannon, Rushing Laser Blades, Laser Blades, Changing Armor System, E-Shield Generator, Multi-Sensor Scouting Pod, High-Output Ion Boosters, and High-Energy Thrusters. This zoid focuses on close combat.

Liger Zero Panzer wallpaper

Liger Zero Panzer

Liger Zero Panzer: Laser Fangs, Strike Laser Claws, AZ 208 mm Triple-Barreled Shock Cannon, AZ Two-Shot Missile Pods, AZ Three-Shot Grenade Launchers, AZ Two-Shot Micro-Homing Missile Pod, AZ Six-Shot Micro-Homing Missile Pod, AZ Three-Shot Micro Homing Missile Pod, Vulcan Pod, Hybrid Cannon, consisting of AZ 216 mm Railgun and AZ 108 mm Beam Gun Changing Armor System, Multi-Blade Antenna, and Objective Blade Sensor. This zoid focuses on being a heavy artillery zoid.

Bit Cloud is a junk dealer so he could find zoid pilot as an advantage to install parts to the Liger Zero to make it better, stronger, faster, and tougher. You’ve got to have the right tools.

There are zoid battle teams in Zoids: New Century: Blitz Team– (Bit Cloud- Liger Zero, Leon Toros (former member)- Shield Liger, Brad Hunter- Command Wolf LC/AC, Shadow Fox, Leena Toros- Dibison, Gun Sniper LS, Jaime Hermeros- Pteras, Raynos and Steve Toros- Hover Cargo, Tigers Team– (Kirkland- Zaber Fang, Omari- Zaber Fang, and Lineback- Zaber Fang), Champ Team– (Harry Champ- Dark Horn, Iron Kong, Benjamin- Heldigunner, Iron Kong, Sebastin- Stealth Viper, Iron Kong, and Mary Champ- Iron Kong), Flugel Team– (Naomi Fluegel- Gun Sniper, two members- Gun Snipers and Leon Toros- Blade Liger), Lightning Team– (Jack Cisco- Lightning Saix, Chris Tasker- Lightning Saix, and Kelly Tasker- Lightning Saix), Fuma Team– (Fuma- Warshark, Hammerhead, Ehga- Warshark, Koga- Warshark, and Negola- Warshark), Gold Team– (Major Polta- Zaber Fang, Rev Raptor, Helcat, and Rev Raptor), Elephander– (Stigma Stoller- Elephander and Whale King- Sanders, Team Vega– (Vega Obscura- Berserk Fury), Red Fire Team– (members uses Red Horn), Vipers Team- (members uses Stealth Vipers), Buffalos Team– members uses Dibison), Thunder Arrow Team-, Crusaders Team-, Exciter Team– (members uses Command Wolfs), and Wolves Team– (members uses Command Wolfs). Everyone wants to enter the zoid battle competition to prove they’re the best but some want to mess up the competition for their evil deeds.

My top favorite scene of Zoids: New Century Zero was when Bit Cloud and the Liger Zero emerges victorious against Vega and his Berserk Fury without equipment: Jager, Schneider and Panzer. He defeated Vega and his Berserk Fury as Bit proves the he and his Liger Zero are the best teammates because of their team bonding. Bit Cloud and his Liger Zero are champions. Bit Cloud and his Liger Zero team bonding has reached to the maximum as they work together as a great team. One of my favorite zoid battle in this show are Liger Zero vs Berserk, Fury, Liger Zero Jager vs Shadow Fox, Liger Zero Schneider vs Blade Liger and Liger Zero Jager vs Lightning Saix.

I used to watch this show on Toonami on Cartoon Network and it’s one of my favorite Zoid anime show I watched when I was a child. Watching zoids fight gets me pumped up because humans pilot their mechanical animal combat units and fight with all their strength. I always love the Liger Zero Schneider because I rather focus on being a close combat machine. I always love hearing the roar sound from the Liger Zero. Zoids: New Century Zero, I give this anime show a 9 out of 10. BATTLE MODE APPROVED, AREA SCANNED, BATTLE FIELD SET UP, READY FIGHT!!!! STRIKE LASER CLAWS!!! THE BATTLE IS OVER! THE BATTLE IS OVER! THE WINNER IS THE BLITZ TEAM!!! #Anime #MechaAnime #Zoids #ZoidsNewCentury #ZoidsNewCenturyZero #LigerZero #LigerZeroJager #LigerZeroSchneider #LigerZeroPanzer